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Evercool Rifling Fan 80mm RF-8 Review

Price: $8.99


Sometimes computer users want better cooling, so many companies produce fans to fill in empty slots in cases or upgrade stock fans. Users may also opt to replace heat sink fans for better cooling and/or noise performance. When looking for good fans, people should take note to the type of bearing it comes with. Generally, a sleeve bearing is the worst and should only be mounted vertically. Rifle bearings are better than Sleeve. Ball bearing is even better than both, with Fluid and Magnetic bearings also being good. The bearing type affects lifespan directly, and generally the operational noise, air speed, volume, and the noise generated by the fans are also very important. The impeller blades and hubs both directly affect fan performance as well - large hubs create dead spaces when used on devices such as radiators and heat sinks without shrouds. Fan blade design can change the noise frequency to make fans sound quieter, or boost airflow. The fan reviewed here today is the Evercool Rifling 80mm fan, which has 80mm fan mounts with a 92mm form factor.


Closer Look:

Immediately on the front cover is the big silver logo Evercool Rifling Fan, with a red 'Powerful & Silent' underneath it. 17dBA hovers over a soldier who is gazing through a scoped rifle on a bipod. Underneath the red circle which reads 'Special Rifling Design', the package reads: "The unique design makes the air pressures more stonger to reates high dissipation". Grammar and typos aren't as bad as they were on the Evercool Transformer 4, but are still present. Rotating to the back shows a diagram of how the fan blows air. Continuing on down, the specifications and features are laid out. Lifespan isn't mentioned, but the fan blows 24.4CFM at <17dBA. The fan device is made in China and is RoHS compliant.






The only included accessories are four black fan screws and male-to-female Molex adapter with 3-pin fan header.


Let's rip this clamshell package open and examine it!

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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