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Evercool Buffalo Review



The Evercool Buffalo CPU Cooler has a few things that are always a good thing to have incorporated with a CPU cooler, such as the high power small fan that is installed and shipped with the cooler, that operated at around 1800 RPM at only 23dBA. I really liked how much attention to detail Evercool used when creating this cooler. They were able to pack quite a few features into such a tiny cooler, such as the large fin array along with the usage of two copper heatpipes that travel from the base and go all the way up through the fins and protrude a little at the top. The overall size of the cooler was quite small, which makes it perfect for someone looking to upgrade their stock cooler if they are going to be running their system at stock speeds, or if they are going to be using a smaller case with moderate overclocks; it would be perfect for an HTPC. The base of the cooler along with the heatpipes were made out of copper, which makes the overall heat dissipation properties of the cooler better than some of the others out there. The base of the cooler was polished to ensure a flat base along with making sure any imperfections in the copper were sanded out. The temperatures that the two heatpipes were able to yield were not quite as good as others out on the market. However, it did do what it said it would, and that was to cool the processor and did it better than the stock Intel cooler was able to do. The multi-platform design of the cooler makes it more valuable for people who may switch this cooler between a Socket 775 rig and an AM2 setup. There was however, only the Socket 775 mounting hardware included in the package. I would suggest this cooler to anyone who is looking to improve the temperatures generated with the stock heatsink/fan setup or if they are going to do a little bit of overclocking and are wanting to use a smaller case such as a Mid tower or HTPC case.



  • Multi-platform design
  • Overall size
  • Copper usage
  • High power fan
  • Polished base
  • Price



  • Only socket 775 hardware included
  • Temperatures
  • Only 2 heatpipes



  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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