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Evercool Buffalo Review


Closer Look:

Taking our first look at the Evercool Buffalo, we are able to see exactly how the tower style CPU cooler is set up. Taking a look at the front of the cooler, you are able to see that the black and red fan is able to cover all of the fin array, and extends a little over the top and the bottom, which is going to allow the air that is being pulled into the cooler to pass through all of the gaps in the fin array. This allows the cooler to be as effective as it possibly can be. When you look at the side of the cooler, you are able to see that there are two thick copper heatpipes that travel from the base of the cooler and go all the way up through the fins and extend a little past the top of the cooler. This is going go allow the heat to be evenly dissipated amongst the fins. The Evercool Buffalo already has the Socket LGA775 mounting hardware installed on the cooler, making it ready to be installed right out of the box without having to attach it yourself.



















The fan that comes with the Evercool Buffalo CPU cooler is a 100x100x25mm fan that is made by Evercool themselves. The fan operates at a rated 12v and runs at about 1800 RPM with a 10% varrance and only making aaround 23dBA of sound. The black grill on the fan is not very similar to the others that are out on the market. There is no backing to the fan, allowing the air to pass more easily through the fan.



On the top of the cooler, you are able to see the Buffalo logo, which includes the name of the cooler under two red buffalos that are standing overtop two black buffalo horns. The base of the cooler is made of copper, which is always a good thing, as copper is one of the best materials for heat dissipation. The base also has been polished to ensure its flatness and to make sure there are very few, if any imperfections in the base.



The Evercool Buffalo CPU Cooler is such a small sized cooler compared to others that are currently out on the market, that there is no way that anything inside of the case is going to block it from being positioned in any way you may want it.


Now that we know exactly what the Evercool Buffalo CPU Cooler looks like, it's time to see exactly how it is going to be able to perform against some of the other coolers that are out on the market.

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  2. Closer Look (Continued)
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  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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