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Evercool Buffalo Review

Price: $23


Have you been looking to upgrade your cooler for your Intel Socket 775 processor or your AM2 processor? Are you looking for the utmost performance? Or maybe you are just looking for an upgrade from the stock cooling solution the manufacture has supplied? Perhaps you have a smaller case or maybe you do not like the idea of having a large paperweight attached to your expensive investment. Whatever your reason for upgrading your current cooling solution, you may want to check out one of the newer coolers that Evercool has recently come up with, the Evercool Buffalo. This cooler is going to be able to cool a wide variety of processors, from your dual core to your quad core processors on one of the most popular socket types (LGA775) that will also be able to work on some of the green sockets as well. I am curious to see exactly what the Buffalo is going to be able to do for me.


Closer Look:

When you take a look at the packaging that Evercool has decided to use for its new Buffalo cooler, you are going to see a very common cardboard box that has quite a bit of color on it to help make the package stand out from others that are out on the market. The front and the back of the package are exactly the same, they both have the Evercool logo printed in the top left hand corner. There is also a large image of the cooler positioned in the center of the package that is aligned towards the right side. Under the image of the Evercool Buffalo cooler, you are going to see the Buffalo logo with the text "Heat Pipe CPU Cooler" printed under it to help describe the cooler itself as well as the quote, "The Buffalo Will Show You Extreme Performance!!", implying that the cooler is going to be able to out-perform much of the competition. The two sides of the package are where you are going to be able to find more information about the cooler, such as the different applications that the Buffalo is going to be able to work on, such as the Intel P4, Pentium D, and Core2 series; the AMD chips that it is going to be able to cool are the Athlon 64, Opteron, Dual core Opterons and Semprons. There is also an installation guide located at the bottom of this side of the packaging, while the top right hand side is where you are going to be able to see what mounting hardware is included, the AMD or the Intel. The next side is where you are going to find all of the specifications and features of the cooler.









When you open up the package, the only two things that you are going to find are going to be the cooler itself that is held in place by two pieces of molded plastic to make sure that it does not bump up against the sides of the package during the shipping process and obtain any sort of damage. There is also a tube of Evercool thermal compound, which is going to help with the installation if you happen to be all out of your T.I.M. of choice.



Now that we know how the Evercool Buffalo CPU cooler is packaged and what comes with it, it's time to see exactly what this cooler is made of.

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