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Evercool AIOLUS Notebook Cooler Review


Evercool AIOLUS Notebook Cooler Conclusion:

The Evercool AIOLUS Notebook Cooler left me with a serious case of mixed feelings. I really like the ideas that Evercool implemented in this product, but it left me wanting more. The AIOLUS is well built, light weight, and has great cooling performance through its unique modular design. The blower module offers unprecedented temp values, and leaves one of the big names of the laptop cooling arena in the dust by delivering a staggering 15°C improvement over the stock cooling under load. The flexibility when setting up the blower module is an added benefit since it can be installed on either side of the cooler, and also offers Y-axis adjustability to get as flush of a fit as possible against the exhaust vents on your laptop. The one size fits all typing angle was comfortable enough for extended browsing and typing sessions, gamers shouldn't experience any issues either. Worst case scenario, your dedicated gaming peripherals will be your best friends once again.

The Evercool AIOLUS Notebook Cooler is a product with great potential that could dominate the portable computer cooling market in the sub 15inch category. It is however not perfect. The first disappointment was the limited fan speed control on the blower module. Only three settings are available: off, low, and high. Both high and low settings are very noisy, and in my opinion the acoustics of the blower module can only be tolerated in an already noisy environment. A better fan and a dial-style RPM control could help mitigate the damage and provide users with more flexibility, depending on specific system loads. Limited connectivity was also a source of disappointment. Only two USB 2.0 ports are available on the Evercool AIOLUS Notebook Cooler's right side, which translates into a one port loss in the laptop and one port left on the cooler. An even situation, if there wasn't the blower USB power cable to take in consideration. I see lots of space on each side of the AIOLUS to accommodate at least four USB ports. This is a design flaw, since users should be able to connect the blower module on each side of the cooler with equal flexibility. Also, there isn't an external power supply port available, which would be great for home users that need to connect multiple peripherals. The lack of USB 3.0 could also be a deal breaker for any owner of an external drive supporting the technology.

Overall, we have a great concept that actually works and works very well! Even with the two 70mm fans that seem to be installed backwards on the test unit. Unfortunately the Evercool AIOLUS Notebook Cooler is plagued with a severe connectivity limitation. Also, the noise generated by the blower module is a major issue for any user looking for a cooler that is remotely silent. Nonetheless, Evercool is onto something very interesting with this modular concept and I hope that a better thought out product will follow very soon.



  • Outstanding cooling performance from the blower module
  • Modular design
  • Nice build quality



  • High noise levels
  • Very limited connectivity
  • Requires two USB ports for power
  • No external power supply
  • No USB 3.0
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