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E-Power EP-2KW 2000 Watt Review

Price: $699.00


Most of us take power for granted. Flip a switch and the light comes on. Open the fridge, grab a cold one. Push the button on the coffee pot, out comes hot, steaming java a few minutes later. Push the power button on the case, the PC fires up. But, there is more to it when choosing a power supply for your rig. For mom and pop, or the average internet surfer basically any old power supply will do. For the power user, whether be it gamer, designer, media encoder, etc., you want to make sure once the button is pressed that there will be enough power behind it to keep the machine stable with power to spare. Trying to power today’s quad core CPU, dual, triple or even (gasp!) quad video card machine with gobs of memory and terabytes of storage with just any power supply just spells disaster, or at best many nights of frustration and your favorite choice four letter words.

The e-Power EP-2KW 2000W (yes, that’s two thousand watts) power supply is ready to take on the duty of supplying the most demanding hardware thrown at it. E-Power is the retail side of OEM power supply manufacturer Top Power.


Closer Look:

The EP-2KW is currently shipping and will arrive in a “white box”, although if demand significantly increases, there will be retail packaging. This unit is aimed squarely at the enthusiast who will want to future-proof their investment with the best. The power supply comes very securely packaged with enough closed cell foam to ensure safe passage through the likes of the gorilla shippers. The shipping weight of the package comes in at 20 pounds. Freeing the beast from the packing shows the heart of the unit. Measuring 7.5x7x8.5in (HxWxD) it is not a small unit. The business side (rear) of the power supply has a 120mm exhaust fan with the chrome grill (no stamped steel here) for optimum airflow. Two power inputs, a 4 pin input, and the three mail leads that connect to the breakout box that mounts in the case. The side that will get the most attention (front) boasts a matching 120mm intake fan with the chrome grill. Below that in the lower right corner is the power switch, and in the upper left corner you will notice three leds and potentiometers (pots). The production units will have labels for the +3.3V, +5V, & +12V adjustability modes. With these pots, the ability to fine tune the output voltage on these lines is a great feature.



A closer look at the power inputs and four pin on the rear. And a look at the three pots from the front. The top of the power supply just has the lonely power rating information. You can see that there are 7 +12V lines available, three at 20A a piece and four at 22A each. The 4 pin connection next to the main power connector is an additional power connector for those who need to supply a bit more juice for that water cooled rig.



The second part of the equation is the breakout box that mounts in the case that connects to the hardware. Starting with the rear of the box there are three color coded inputs for the matching cables from the main power supply. The side lists the connector types for the component cabling system. The front has the bread and butter of the system. Again, using color coded inputs for the main lines and DIN connectors for the accessory lines. The inclusion of DIN connectors ensure good contact is made and there is little chance the cable will pull out.



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