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EPICGEAR Meduza Mouse and Pad Review



Overall, the Meduza is a pretty nifty mouse. It’s hard to say whether the HDST sensor really improved my game play or overall mouse accuracy. It was nice having the physical switch on the bottom of the mouse to change between the different modes, to get the different feel of each sensor, but in reality I think I would never change it from HDST. If I paid for both sensors, I'd want to use them both as much as I could. The mouse itself has a pretty nice feel overall. Like I said, my small hands didn’t adjust very well, but a "normal" sized hand would fit just fine. I found the forward and back buttons a little out of place – I kept hitting forward when I wanted back. It's hard to say whether this was my hand size, but it wasn't something I could really get used to either.

The weight of the mouse is slightly heavier than the Razer DeathAdder. Along with many mice these days, the weight isn't adjustable without your own modifications. The weight really seems to be what makes it smooth and since you really don't have to "force" the mouse around, it's not really an issue. Overall, I liked how this mouse's design supported more of the hand with the individual finger rests. Perhaps it's not perfect for my hand, but I plan on using it for a while, as I've gotten too used to how well it moves about without getting caught up. Nonetheless, it will be a nice find when it finally hits the market.

The HDST designed pad isn't really something I'd be jumping at. It's a nice sized pad and it's rather smooth. However, it doesn't seem to be that much greater than your typical cloth pad, as I've mentioned so many times. At $20, it's not too hard on the wallet for its size. However, you don't need it to use this mouse, so if you already have a favorite, you might want to save your money for something else.



  • Long, braided cable.
  • Awesome orange accents
  • Ring and pinky finger rests
  • Super smooth – glides well and doesn't catch



  • Not great for small hands
  • Thumb rest seemed too large
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