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EPICGEAR Meduza Mouse and Pad Review

Price: $79.99


Most of you know GeIL for its years of producing memory. Since 1993, this is what the company has done. However, GeIL has recently joined the gaming accessory market with the launch of Epic Gear. Epic Gear, or EG for short, is starting its launch of gaming-focused equipment with the Meduza, a hybrid, dual sensor mouse. It’s the world's first Hybrid Dual Sensor Technology (HDST) gaming mouse. Rather than just having one sensor, the Meduza is equipped with both a laser and optical sensor, combining the best of both worlds. Today we take a look at how the Meduza will be starting off the EG line-up, along with its special hybrid pad.

Closer Look:

The Meduza mouse comes in your typical clear plastic shell with boxing material around it, to both give you a look at the mouse itself, as well as advertise its key features in some fancy ink. The box is is black with what tricks the mind to be either red or extreme orange. The insides of the box go to further confirm the extreme orange color, but for some reason I honestly thought it was red and black.












The back of the package lists its features and shows off the two sensors with a little peep hole to the mouse inside. The back of the box also shows you four angles of the mouse. One picture shows off the extended rest for the thumb, another shows the index finger rest, and another the ring finger support and pinkie grip. The fourth image is an isometric of the entire mouse, lit up. It's looking to be a rather comfortable mouse.



The hybrid mouse pad, designed for maximum performance of the dual sensors, comes rolled up in a cardboard box. There is a little hole cut in the edge that allows you to touch the pad to see what it feels like. This is a nice opportunity to test out what you are buying off the shelf at your local computer hardware shop, but just remember, you probably want the one on the back of the rack that everyone hasn’t touched!


The box rotates around to reveal some features of the pad, as well as a standard UPC code. It's a typical hang box for stores to hang, but definitely one that draws you to it to see what it is. The box is mostly black and red and features the EG logo with a sort of vault-looking style.



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