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Enermax Ostrog GT Review

Price: $74.99

Enermax Ostrog GT Introduction:

Enermax has been around since 1990. It first made its mark in the power supply market but has since gained ground in other markets such as keyboards, fans, CPU coolers, and cases. In February of this year, Enermax released the Ostrog GT, which is an advanced version of the popular Ostrog case. This new style of case joins the Enermax Mid Tower lineup which includes the Fulmo, Hoplite, Clipeus and Staray. The Ostrog GT comes in four styles: a black case with either black, white, red, or blue trim. Today we have the ECA3280A-BR, which has the red trim. This case enters the ring at a suggested retail of $74.99. For this $74.99 price point, you get a chassis full of special features such as space for up to 12 fans, including 220/230mm fans, liquid cooling support for the latest 280mm radiators, removable HDD cages, top IO support, and a clear side panel that allows you to show off those fancy innards, not to mention the industrial good looks so popular right now in case design. Is this case from Enermax, the Ostrog GT, the right one for your next build? Let's take a deeper dive into what Enermax is bringing to the table with this mid tower design.

Enermax Ostrog GT Closer Look:

The box is fairly standard with no fancy graphics. Just the facts on the side of the box, which is fine, because as long as the box protects the contents, the outside doesn’t have to "wow" me. Actually, the outside does have a feature that got my attention: side handles. The box is just large enough and heavy enough to be a little awkward, and the integrated handles really are a nice feature.












The excitement flows as I slice open the packing tape along the top. I get the box opened and start to pull the case out. It comes out a little and then stops. I push it back in and pull again. Nothing. I pull a little harder and end up with a handful of the Styrofoam end cap. Ah – those side handles that were so useful were now working against me. Pull them out of the way and now the case easily pulls out of the box.  



The protective end caps are beefy and appear to be able to take some rough handling. The plastic bag keeps the case in pristine condition. No matter how old I get, opening the box on a new case is still like Christmas! The side window is covered inside and out with a thin peel-off protective plastic cover.  I got the packing and plastic bag off, and the overall finish and paint are consistently high quality.

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  2. Enermax Ostrog GT Closer Look: The Case
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