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ENERMAX ETS-T40 Heatsink Review



With everything that the ENERMAX ETS-T40 heatsink offers, I am happy to say that I like the cooler and the thermal loads it is capable of handling. The installation is incredibly easy and does not require the use of numerous small parts, the fan clips are nice and sturdy, it's quiet, and the fan is unique in that it has the capability to display cool patterns and change colors using a unique 360° lighting method. The gaps between the heatpipes on the base are a little larger than what I would say makes a good quality heatsink, but we can see that for its price it performs well in the ranks of other ~$50 coolers like the DEEPCOOL Ice Wind Pro and the Thermaltake Frio Advanced. For a $45 price tag, this cooler does very well. On top of that, it performed well with only a single fan. With an additional fan in place, I'm sure we could have seen another degree or so lower on a couple of tests.

Overall, the ENERMAX ETS-T40 is a well-built, quality heatsink for less than $50. The construction and quality remind me of what one might find with Noctua or another high end brand where quality is expected. I am pleasantly surprised by this cooler and ENERMAX has done well to make a good impression with the first ENERMAX heatsink that I have had the opportunity to review. For a cooler around the $50 mark, I would definitely place this heatsink among my top, personally-recommended models for anyone who needs a good cooler but doesn't want to break the bank. Well done, ENERMAX!



  • Easy to install
  • Rigid construction
  • Quiet operation
  • Good performance
  • Multi-function fan LED behavior



  • None
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