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ENERMAX ETS-T40 Heatsink Review

Price: $45.99


When the name ENERMAX comes to mind, I am personally reminded of an early pioneer of power supplies and other OEM computer products. I recently became aware of a line of heatsinks designed and manufactured by ENERMAX — the ETS series. This fresh design incorporates four 6mm direct contact heatpipes into a familiar tower-style shape that uses 120mm fans. Only one of ENERMAX's fancy circularly-lit LED fans is included in the retail package, but the heatsink and included accessories support a push/pull setup if another fan is desired. I am looking forward to seeing what ENERMAX has to offer with its ETS-T40 heatsink and how well it performs compared to other comparable heatsinks on the market. In this review, I will be exploring the ENERMAX ETS-T40 heatsink from its packaging, design and construction, specifications, and determining its thermal performance metrics. With that said, let's get started!


Closer Look:

The packaging for the ENERMAX ETS-T40 is a mostly white and blue cardboard box with the "title" portion on the top of the box. The top shows a quarter-view of the cooler and names some of the processors with which it is compatible such as the Core i7, i5, and AM3, AM2, etc. A red sticker in the bottom right of the top face is placed underneath the furthest icon to the right indicating that it is the "VD" submodel, which lets us know that the included fan is ENERMAX's multi-colored T.B. Vegas Duo fan. Each of the four connecting sides list features and specifications of the cooler from its patented technologies (I will discuss these in more detail later) to its mechanical specifications such as dimensions, weight, material, and fan properties. The remaining side offers the phrase "The CPU cooler with PWM fan features patented VGF/VEF/HDT for extremely high cooling performance, and all-in-one bracket for Intel 775/1155/1156/1366 & AMD AM2/AM3" in 12 languages including English.









Opening the box reveals a plain brown cardboard frame that is positioned around the cooler with the fan facing outwards. The mounting components and other accessories are tucked in beside this cardboard frame in a plastic baggie. The mounting components are very simple in quantity: one backplate, two threaded support bars, and a clamping bar that holds it in place. Securing everything together is a total of four standoffs and six nuts. When it comes to simple and effective mounting methods, this one is at the top of the charts in my book. The components feel heavy duty, and I already know how it goes together just by looking at it.




With the ENERMAX ETS-T40-VD (VD for violet LED) out of the box, let's take a closer look at the heatsink itself. I am pleased so far with what I have seen in this cooler, and I am already anxiously looking forward to seeing how well it performs. So far I am in love with the simplicity of the mounting mechanism, the high quality and rugged feel of the cooler itself, the stiff and effective fan clips, and its lean and lightweight construction.

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  2. Closer Look (continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing & Setup
  5. Conclusion
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