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ECS Z97-MACHINE Closer Look: The BIOS

Alright, time for a look at the BIOS. I'm going to give you a fair warning that the pictures in this section look pretty darn rough. There I said it. There doesn't seem to be an in BIOS screen capture mechanism at this time so you'll have to deal with the old school shots from a camera. I thought we were past not having in BIOS shots. Regardless, the lighting here in my office is a bit dark so don't feel bad that you have a hard time making things out – the images are not very clear. However, I did find this video on the ECS website that actually discusses the EZ BIOS with a quick walkthrough – so when you get tired of my chatter you can take a look yourself.

The board seems to boot quick, so you might miss the key to grab the BIOS, it is DEL. You'll get to this first screen that automatically screams, "where is my mouse". Here you can quickly set your performance mode on the left for performance or low power usage. You can quickly set the boot priority using the symbols at the bottom. The visuals display your CPU temp, voltages, and fan RPMs. There is also a quick glance at your build date, motherboard name, CPU and speed, as well as total memory currently in your system. Just in case you didn't know. My natural reaction to a screen like this is to run away - ADVANCED TAB HERE I GO!


Since the pictures came out so poor I decided to only provide the main tabs of the interface since you can't really read many of the options (sorry!). The main menus includes: Main, Advanced, Chipset, M.I.B III, Security, Boot, and Exit. The main screen contains very basic BIOS information. Here you set your system language, and adjust the system date and time. Not really much to see here.


The next tab, Advanced, has a bit more to play with. You can deal with your LAN settings, SATA configurations, basic CPU settings, Power management, and even check your PC Health Status. The Chipset tab lets you changes system agent configuration and PCH configurations. I promise despite what you can make out in these images, it is much clearer in person!



The M.I.B. III (Motherboard Intelligent BIOS III) page is where the real fun begins. There's no fast OC button like the last ECS board we looked at, but you are able to change your CPU settings in its own OC configuration menu. You'll also have full access to memory configuration, north bridge voltages, and profile configuration. The bottom shows your current memory and CPU clocks as a both a starting reference and confirmation to your mind of what is set. 


The Security tab lets you set an Admin password so that you are the only one who can commit changes to your computers OC or other BIOS settings. This keeps those out that might be using your computer and you either don't want them touching things, or perhaps they just shouldn't be touching them. I've honestly personally never used this feature, but I could see where it would be nice if perhaps you had children or others who could accidentally change things they shouldn't. The boot page has the usual settings to choose boot priority from various devices as well as legacy vs. UEFI modes.



The Exit tab does the obvious and lets you save and exit. You can also hop back to the EZ mode where we started in the very first image. Here you can also restore back to defaults if you have really foobar'd something. You'll also have the option to override your boot disk from here. You can see that I had both the Corsair Force GT off P3 as well as a USB stick hanging off the front. You could force a USB boot from this menu rather than using the boot key. But now we know where things are a bit in the BIOS we can head out of here and start looking at numbers!

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