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ECS L337 GANK Drone Z87H3-A3X Review

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ECS L337 GANK DRONE Z87H3-A3X Conclusion:

The ECS L337 GANK Drone Z87H3-A3X performed perfectly. No issues with the BIOS, booting, or anything else — no memorable problems. The packaging was clean and laid out well, and the accessories were the standard fare — manuals, driver disk, I/O back plate panel, SLI dongle, and two SATA 3 cables. The ECS Z87H3-A3X is similar to the Z87H3-AX Golden reviewed here at OCC in the past — the color-scheme is black and gold with some silver components. This motherboard is much narrower and only uses six standoffs versus the nine supported by usual ATX standards. This version has a lot less bells and whistles versus the Golden, but it also doesn't have the problems, which were probably a result of the increased complexity. Every single feature tested on this motherboard worked as it should. The Z87H3-A3X has six CPU power phases — overclocking was a breeze to at least 4500 MHz on an Intel 4770K, overclocking was limited by this processors voltage needs and heat output.

The only potential con for this motherboard is the narrower width. This isn't the problem, the problem is the lack of support from not having stand-offs at the side. The power connection and memory slots all require force during installation, which leverages against the middle stand-offs and PCB. Installers can circumvent this issue by making sure they discharge any static and placing fingers behind the components. Once everything is installed there is no issue so this isn't a major con, but definitely worth noting. The only other thing is the odd memory spacing — the first and second memory slots are much closer than the rest. This could pose a problem to anyone wanting to use all four slots with memory that utilizes heat sinks.

The ECS Z87H3-A3X would be a great fit for anyone who doesn't have uncommon needs, while it doesn't share the bells and whistles of the higher-end boards, it still has enough features to keep a majority of people happy. Anyone who only uses one or two graphics cards, single Ethernet LAN connection, and six or less SATA drives should be satisfied with this option if the pricing is competitive!



  • Good looks
  • Decent layout
  • Stable operation
  • Cool running
  • Extensive features
  • Multi GPU ready



  • Memory spacing


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