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ECS LIVA X Mini PC Review


ECS LIVA X Mini PC Conclusion:

The ECS LIVA X surprised me with its small size and completely silent operation. I was able to surf the internet and do work on it very quickly. I enjoyed using it and experienced no problems with browsing the internet, using Office applications, or watching streaming videos on Netflix. Amazon Prime would occasionally lag a little – usually when the HUD would pop up. Boot up and shut down times were very fast – at most 17 seconds to boot. Having the USB ports on the front was very convenient, as was the wireless connectivity options. The LIVA X did run fairly cool, being barely warm to the touch after running all day in a room balanced at 19 °C.

Sure the LIVA X had a few quirks, the heat pad not completely covering the processor die is somewhat concerning, albeit only slightly, since it is such a low-power unit it probably would have been fine. Sure the gaming performance or lack thereof is dismal with modern titles, but mobile titles run perfectly fine as do emulators. If you are lucky, you can even run semi-modern titles, likely on the lowest settings though. It wouldn't be fair to hold this against the LIVA X, it simply isn't designed for this task.

Overall, the LIVA X Mini PC was decent at office and HTPC usage, and very affordable. It would be even better if it came with either Windows 8.1 with Bing or Linux pre-installed and ready to go – both are free for ECS to include. Perhaps a cheap USB drive with the drivers installed on it would be wiser than including a DVD, although most people can get access to another computer, it still shouldn't be a necessity. The ECS LIVA X did work perfectly as it was designed, no issues were encountered with its general functionality.



  • Small form factor
  • Energy efficient
  • Stable operation
  • Cool running
  • three USB ports
  • Silent



  • No Operating System
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