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ECS Deluxe Z97-PK Review


ECS Deluxe Z97-PK Conclusion:

In the end, the Z97-PK isn't a pretty motherboard. While it follows most of my liking from the ECS standard of monochrome colors, the PCB is still brown. I never have liked a brown PCB. However, it's not all about how it physically looks, but sometimes how it looks in performance. Turns out this little combo (especially had you been able to get it for the ~$100 bundle offered for four days) isn't too bad a deal.

I can't say it really keeps up with a 4770k, but it does a decent job for the price comparison. Technically this board does support running a 4770k you just won't be able to OC on the 3 phase power without likely causing a small fire. However, if you needed something cheap in the interim while building up a system, this could be a nice alternative.

Personally, I feel this board, the ECS Z97-PK along with a G3258 processor is a great entry level system that is both affordable and stacks up decent performance especially in games. No it's not the fastest thing on the market, but it doesn't always have to be. You can play decent games at decent settings letting you at least have a setup. I'm not saying this has to be a "starter" system either, it could just be your main system. Though it's a bit harder to argue the price having known it was an amazingly priced combo for a few days – that was a serious deal. At these costs ~$140 for the ECS Z97-PK and G3258 it's a little harder to "sell". It is still only a Dual Core (don't get me wrong, a Dual Core can be a beast), but it is about impossible to get an i3 or an i5 at a similar cost.


  • Cheap
  • Low power
  • Supports more than the G3258, can actually handle a 4770k!
  • Great gaming performance for low cost


  • Making your own combo deal is not as attractive as when it was actually offered as a combo
  • Low phase voltage limits further upgrades/overclocking
  • Auto-OC not perfect

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