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ECS GeForce 8800 GT Review

Price: $179.99


There are so many different video cards in the market these days that it is hard to make a choice on which one to get for your system. Between your budget, brand preference or whatever, which one is the best for you? For nVidia cards, there are cards that will blow your monitor off, but for the majority of builders the prices are outrageous. Overall, the GeForce 8800 GT seems to be the sweet spot between price and power. But in the $200+ range, that is still too much for some. But what if you could get an 8800 GT that cost less with only 256MB of memory and through a simple BIOS update turn that card into one with 512MB of memory?

Skeptical yet? I was too until I received the ECS GeForce 8800 GT 256MB video card to review. ECS sells this as a 256MB 8800 GT card so the price is lower then its 512MB counterpart, but here is the catch. ECS has a BIOS update that unleashes an additional of 256MB of memory, making the card have a total of 512MB. But where does this extra memory come from? How is the performance compared to the card having 256MB or another 8800 GT with 512MB? There is only one way to find out and that is to test the card, but before that let's go take a look at this baby.


Closer Look:

ECS has gotten very creative on the designs of its graphics card boxes and the GeForce 8800 GT is no exception with its dragon rider theme. On the front of the box there are some of the highlighted features of the card and the button showing the card having 256MB DDR3 memory available. The back goes into more specific features in several different languages and also shows that this card is SLi capable with an SLi motherboard and another 8800 GT video card.




Opening the box, you will see how well this card is protected with the layers of cardboard. Included with the ECS GeForce 8800 GT video card is the manual, S-Video to Component out cable, DVI to VGA adapter, molex to PCI Express power adapter, and the driver CD.



Now that we have the video card out of its shell, lets take a better look at what makes it tick.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look ( The Video Card )
  3. Configuration
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing: Setup & Overclocking
  6. Testing: Crysis
  7. Testing: Knights of the Sea
  8. Testing: BioShock
  9. Testing: Call of Duty 4
  10. Testing: World in Conflict
  11. Testing: Call of Juarez
  12. Testing: Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts
  13. Testing: 3DMark06
  14. Conclusion
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