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ECS GeForce GT 640 Review


ECS GeForce GT 640 Specifications:


GPU Engine Specs:
CUDA Cores
Graphics Clock (MHz)
Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec)
Memory Specs:
Memory Clock
1.8 Gbps
Standard Memory Config
2048 MB
Memory Interface
Memory Interface Width
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)
Feature Support:
Bus Support
PCI Express 3.0
Certified for Windows 7
Supported Technologies
3D Vision, Surround, DirectX 11, CUDA, PhysX
3D Vision Ready
Display Support:
Multi Monitor
Maximum Digital Resolution1
Maximum VGA Resolution
Standard Display Connectors
Dual Link DVI-I, Dual Link DVI-D, Mini HDMI
Audio Input for HDMI
Standard Graphics Card Dimensions:
5.70 inches
4.38 inches
Thermal and Power Specs:
Maximum GPU Tempurature (in C)
Maximum Graphics Card Power (W)
Minimum System Power Requirement (W)
3D Vision Ready:
3D Blu-Ray
3D Photos



ECS GeForce GT 640 Features:

  • Kepler GPU Architecture:NVIDIA's Kepler GPU architecture has been designed from the ground up not just for maximum performance, but optimal performance per watt. The new SMX streaming multiprocessor is twice as efficient as the prior generation and the new geometry engine draws triangles twice as fast. The result is world class performance and the highest image quality in an elegant and power efficient graphics card
  • NVIDIA Surround with Up To Four Monitors: Simultaneously drive up to four independent 1080p displays for the ultimate multimedia or productivity workspace and expand a single application across all three displays for an immersive viewing perspective.
  • Blu-ray 3D Support: Connect your PC to any 3D enabled TV over HDMI and enjoy a cinematic 3D experience in your home with seamless support for 1080p Blu-ray 3D discs.
  • NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync : Nothing is more distracting than framerate stuttering and screen tearing. The first tends to occur when framerates are low, the second when framerates are high. Adaptive V-Sync is a smarter way to render frames. At high framerates, V-sync is enabled to eliminate tearing, at low frame rates, it's disabled to minimize stuttering. It gets rid of distractions so you can get on with gaming.
  • New Anti-aliasing Mode: FXAA:  Anti-aliasing smoothes out jagged edges but can be demanding on framerates. FXAA is a new antialiasing technology that produces beautiful smooth lines with minimal performance impact. And with Kepler based GPUs, you'll be able to enable FXAA in hundreds of game titles through the NVIDIA Control Panel.




All information courtesy of ECS Elite Group @ http://www.ecs.com.tw/ECSWebSite/Product/Product_Detail.aspx?DetailID=1386&CategoryID=5&DetailName=Feature&MenuID=25&LanID=0

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