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ECS GeForce GT 640 Review

Price: $85

ECS GeForce GT 640 Introduction:

The other week OCC took a highly anticipated and extensive look at NVIDIA's (and the world's) fastest single GPU solution to date with the 4.5 teraflop, seven billion transistor Titan. On the other end of the scale NVIDIA slipped the lower end of the Kepler solutions into the mix to round out the lineup of discrete cards without fanfare or introduction. The GT 640 is a 28nm GK107 Kepler-based GPU with a mere 384 CUDA units and no power connectors. ECS chose a rather odd combination for the GT 640 when equipping the card with memory. The low end card carries a full 2GB of frame buffer, however it is made up of the slower DDR3 rather than DDR5 that's now standard fare on today's discrete graphics cards. The GT 640 is also missing some of the basic features of the rest of the Kepler lineup leaving us wondering where it fits in.

So where does this combination of components put the cut down Kepler in a matter of practical use? An HTPC build or casual gaming? Being a single slot graphics solution that peaks its consumption at 65W it will certainly have the low draw and petite space profile to be put into just about any build or added to an OEM machine with the chosen PCIe slot providing all the power that this little Kepler will ever need. We are going to put the ECS GeForce GT 640 through its paces along side a strong integrated graphics solution to ferret out what's what.

ECS GeForce GT 640 Closer Look:

The ECS GeForce GT 640 arrives in a small but very eye catching box featuring the likeness of a leather and amour clad Xena-looking female warrior from the Medieval period going for her Claymore. It looks as if she could kick your butt up one side and down the other while flames roar behind her. Besides the eye catching mural, not a whole lot of other information is found on the front cover of the box other than the name of the product and that we have 2048MB of DDR3 at our disposal.










The back of the box affords a bit more information about where the GT 640 is intended to be slotted in the market. It makes it clear that the GT 640 Is the entry level jumping off point for gaming. NVIDIA is touting up to seven times the power of todays' integrated graphics solution in its bid to have you replace your current IGP with the GK107 discrete solution. The GT 640 is also capable of running three monitors with NVIDIA Surround technology and the ability to be connected to an HD television for Blu-ray playback.


There is no box inside the box for the GT 640. Wrapped up in an anti-static bag is our subject of interest, fit snugly inside the pre-formed cardboard.


Underneath the card itself are the items of a very basic bundle you would expect of a card in this category. You receive a user manual, install guide, and a VGA driver disc you will want to ignore and install the latest driver set from NVIDIA's website. Lastly the GT 640 comes with a pair of video connection adapters including a VGA to Dual Link DVI, and an HDMI to DisplayPort adapter. Very basic, but what you need to get you up and running.



Well that's how the ECS GeForce GT 640 is dressed. Let's have a look at the card itself and under the hood.

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