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Asus EAH4850 MT Republic of Gamers HD 4850 Review

Price: $185.00


With the explosion of GPU chipsets for video cards, manufacturers are hard at work to bring out their secret weapon that will sweep buyers off their feet and buy their video cards instead of a competitor's card. One company that has been releasing computer components and more for some time, has taken its current video cards and designed them to appeal to the gamer on a more personal level. Most gamers and enthusiasts are not happy with stock components and tend to push their hardware to the limits. One video card GPU in particular has been very overclocking friendly and now it has been taken a step further. ASUS, building off of its famous Republic of Gamers brand, has released a version of the HD 4850 video card aimed at those of us with that itch to push our hardware. This new card is the ASUS EAH4850 MT. So what is so special? Well the MT designation signifies the Matrix Series by ASUS, which uses hardware and software to allow you to push your card to the maximum potential easier and with more overall control. The HD 4850 Matrix takes the stock HD 4850 core design and expands on it, allowing it to be tweaked to higher speeds and run cooler than ever before. If I haven't gotten your interest peaked yet, how about we take a better look at the card.


Closer Look:

Since this is a brand new card, ASUS sent us the HD 4850 and accessories without retail packaging. At first glance you can see the massive heatsink that is attached. We will get more into that on the next page. Included with the ASUS EAH4850 MT is the Speed Setup booklet, an iTracker manual, a manual CD, drivers CD, molex to 6-pin PCI Express adapter, a component video dongle, and a DVI to HDMI adapter. It's important to note that this is subject to change, as this was not a retail package.



Since everything is already unpackaged for us, how about we take a closer look at this beauty?

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Card)
  3. Closer Look (Drivers & Programs)
  4. Closer Look (Catalyst Control Center)
  5. Specifications & Features
  6. Testing: Setup & Overclocking
  7. Testing: Crysis
  8. Testing: Knights of the Sea
  9. Testing: BioShock
  10. Testing: Call of Duty 4
  11. Testing: World In Conflict
  12. Testing: Call of Juarez
  13. Testing: Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
  14. Testing: 3DMark06 Professional
  15. Testing: 3DMark Vantage Professional
  16. Conclusion
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