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OCC E3 2013 Awards


Best Adventure Game



Winner: Murdered: Soul Suspect (PC, PS3, 360)

Murdered: Soul Suspect puts you in the shoes of a detective who has to solve a murder: yours. It's not often where a game begins with the main character already among the deceased, but that's the case with this one (no pun intended). Your character, Ronan O'Connor, is a ghost who has to piece together the clues to find out who killed you. It sort of plays out like the investigation cases in L.A. Noire, just with stealth and combat more fitting for a ghost. Possessions, teleportations, and the always sweet ability to pass through solid objects are just some of O'Connor's spectral bag of tricks. Of course that last ability does mean interacting with the physical world is an issue, and even possessing someone doesn't grant you full control but rather thoughts and ideas can be implanted. Interacting with other ghosts isn't an issue, as they can give side missions and information to lead to your killer.

You'll have to possess people to hide from demons too, as encountering a demon while in ghost form spells game over. It adds some action to the game, but make no mistake, this is more about solving your murder than getting into fights. If you like a good detective game, or even just a good adventure game, this should be one to get.

Runner-Up: NONE



Winner: Murdered: Soul Suspect (PC, PS3, 360)

Murdered: Soul Suspect puts a unique twist on the typical detective adventure – the main mystery you set out to solve is your own murder. That's right; before you even start the game, you're killed by a mysterious man. As (former?) detective Ronan O'Connor, you now go on the hunt (as a ghost) to discover who killed you and why. Being a ghost gives you the unique ability to possess the living (though you never get direct control) and see ghostly impressions left behind by previous humans. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks is that you cannot interact with physical objects.

Aside from solving your own murder, there are various side quests you can complete, such as helping a ghost find their body. Aside from other friendly ghosts, there are also demons looking to consume your soul. The only way to defeat a demon is to sneak up on them by possessing a human. If they get to you while you're in ghost form, it's game over. While this adds a little action element to the game, Murdered is predominantly a story-driven adventure game and should be on every adventure fan's wishlist.

Runners-Up: Stick It to The Man! (PS3, Vita), The Witness (PC, PS4, iOS)

Remember when I said Puppeteer would be in the running for a Most Unique category, if one existed? Stick It to The Man! would be right there alongside it. Stick It to The Man! is "a mind-reading game set in a paper and sticker universe." When a mysterious canister knocks protagonist Ray unconscious, he wakes up from a coma with a 16-foot pink spaghetti arm sticking out of his head. This arm gives him the ability to read anyone's thoughts, but also allows him to put the thought's of one person into the head of another. The latter ability is used to solve puzzles, but also provides some laughs – the dialog is written by Adventure Time's Ryan North. There are over 100 characters and each one can be mind-read. In fact, developer Zoink! recorded over ten hours of voice acting. The art style is also fantastic, with a flat, paper-like presentation.

The Witness is a 3D puzzle game created by Jonathan Blow, the guy behind Braid. Not much is known about the game, but based on what I saw at E3, I'd liken it to a modern day take on Myst. The game takes place on an uninhabited island and is all about exploration. Puzzles are strewn across the island, but you're given no clear direction – you have to learn as you go. Based on the gameplay shown at E3, it seems all the puzzles are 2D mazes of sort, but they impact the world around you, ultimately leading to an end-game. If you're not a fan of puzzle games, The Witness may not be for you, but if you like the idea of more organic story-telling like Dear Esther, The Witness may be the next evolutionary step – you know... actually being a game.

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