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Dying Light Review



You are Kyle Crane, an agent of the Global Relief Effort, or GRE, sent into the quarantined city of Harran to track down Suleiman, who has documents the GRE wants and is currently hiding as Rais, leader of the bandits, or Brecken, leader of the tower survivors. Upon arriving in Harran you are attacked by bandits and then the infected before being rescued by two runners. In the process of the rescue you are bitten by one of the infected and one of the runners is killed.

Not exactly the most positive opening to a game, but it quickly establishes allies, enemies, and that your survival is at risk, as you, too, are infected. There is no cure for the infection, but there is a drug for suppressing the symptoms called Antizin. So long as you have it in your system, you will not turn into one of the zombies. Despite its obvious importance, it never seemed all that common in the game. I mean you rarely ever see it administered to yourself or others, but will at times suffer the symptoms as you start to turn. Really it feels to me like Antizin just exists to explain why you and others are infected but have not become zombies yet. This is compounded by the fact that at one point you secretly take a vial of Antizin, yet it is never used, or at least you never see it being used. It seems to just vanish, despite the fact that there is a perfect point for it to be used.








The characters in the game spread the spectrum of those you would expect to find in an apocalypse story like this. You will find the people just trying to survive, the people trying to be heroes, the people trying to get what they can out of the world, and the flat-out insane. It is not hard to guess who is not going to survive long, possibly because you kill them. One thing about most of these people is that I never really felt invested in them. Sure, I had an interest in helping people and completing the story, but I honestly did not care about who the people were. If someone died I only cared if there was an obvious way to save them within the confines of story.



Part of the reason for my apathy towards many of the characters is that the story is really not original. There was not one twist I did not see coming. Perhaps it is too much to ask for an original zombie story at this point in the larger genre, but it still would have been nice to see more of an attempt here. Instead we get all of the usual twists, betrayals, and revelations you should expect. To be fair, following a formula is not unto itself a bad thing, but it is still disappointing to not see more originality.

One thing I was kind of expecting, but never manifested, was some kind of morality system. It just would seem appropriate to exist, based on the various people you encounter and how they try to define the playable character.

Not a bad story, but very predictable, which is at least disappointing. Personally that does not count as a negative for me (unless you completely rip off another story), but it may for you.

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