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Dying Light Review

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For several years now, games depicting a zombie apocalypse have been coming out, always trying to make a place for themselves and add something to the genre. What Dying Light adds is an open-world combined with free-running, allowing you to cross the map almost any way you want, and scale most any obstacle you come across. The speed this system offers you will be important for avoiding the infected, especially at night, when the most dangerous and hungry zombies come out.

In addition to that, Dying Light is a first-person, action survival game that has you playing as Kyle Crane. You have been sent into the quarantined city of Harran by the GRE to retrieve files somehow related to the outbreak. While it may have started as just a mission for you, you soon become infected and find your own survival is tied to that of the city. Your failure does not just mean your death, but the death of every survivor. Your success, however, could mean finding the cure.

Dying Light has received an M rating from the ESRB for blood and gore, intense violence, and strong language. As this content has most definitely been captured by the media in this review, if such content is inappropriate for you, this review likely is as well. Seriously, the videos capture not just decapitations, but heads actually exploding.

Should we venture out into the zombie infested Harran, or leave it to the undead infestation? Time to find out.





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