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Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2 USB Drive Review



Overall this drive was something different. I cannot say I’d have a real use for a locking drive with encryption in normal day to day use, but the concept is noteworthy. If you are trying to move some important documents between one location and another, this could be something worthwhile. I see it fitting the commercial use, but there are still better developments for them. As a consumer-level product this drive fits the bill fine, but I’m not so sure the marketability is there. Apparently Kingston and its researchers have found otherwise. To me it’s just a larger-than-average thumb drive that is quite a bit slower for moving larger files. I wouldn’t call this drive a fail, because it does do what it is supposed to do. It locks others out of your data and protects it by all means – even if it must destroy that data. However, the drive is a pain to use. Every time you use the drive you need to put in your password. On top of this annoyance, if you aren’t careful or have a type happy keyboard your data will go to format heaven. I’d rather have an annoying process that takes longer for every wrong password or a different process to get the data back, but I guess that would defeat the purpose. If it’s stolen they don’t get your data, but it also costs a lot more than if they stole a regular thumb drive. It’s really up to you how securely your files need to be kept. It’s definitely not a drive meant for everyday use. Nothing is for “everyone”, but this drive is far from being universally accepted. It’s definitely designed for the few of you out there who need secure data storage.




  • Allows you to secretly store files
  • Constructed with a metal case
  • Size options with reasonable prices
  • If it’s stolen they still can not access your data



  • Not USB 3.0 friendly
  • Sorry Linux users…not for you
  • If it’s stolen they can create a new password and have a new flash drive

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  7. Conclusion
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