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TI-V77 Dr. Thermal CPU Cooler


The Dr. Thermal CPU cooler is a new HSF from Thermal integration. Upon opening the box the first thing you notice is its large fan that is 70mm. Once out of the box you will notice its levered clip and aluminum fin design. It also has a copper core that is quite small when compared to other copper core coolers. Lets take a closer look.

Features (from side of box)

- "Radi-Gear" Form
- "E-system Attachment" Design
- Copper Core Inside
- Flexible for Fan Replacement


The installation of this cooler is strait forward. After removing the thermal pad that came with the unit. I then applied Arctic Silver thermal compound to my CPU and set the Dr. Thermal HSF into place. With the lever in the unlocked (up) position slip each clip over the tabs on the socket. Even with the so called "E-system Attachment" design I still had to use a flat-head screwdriver to accomplish this. Next move the lever to the locked (down) position to secure the unit in place. Then plug the 3-pin fan connector in and the installation is complete.


Well this product could of been designed a little better. First, the clip design while a nice thought still required the use of a flat-head screwdriver. Second, the box says "Designed for Overclocking", but my temps averaged around 49-50c under full load. This is about 8 degrees higher than with a Volcano 6Cu+ on my system. For the recored I am currently running a 1.2Ghz (266) tbird @ 1406Mhz. Finally, upon removing the cooler I noticed that the CPU core was not centered on the small copper slug. It was sitting half on the copper and half on the fin structure. So, all in all I would not recommend this cooler for overclocking, maybe for general cooling!

  • The 70mm fan is nice and quiet

  • Inadequate cooling for whats stated!
  • CPU core not completely covered by copper

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