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Thermaltake Dragon ORB 3 (A1135) & Copper Shim


Well, I got my Dragon Orb 3 today and I was very impressed by the look of the package. Not to mention the weight of the package! Looking over the heat-sink you will notice the large copper piece that sits on the CPU. The copper is nearly one inch tall with fins on the topside for airflow. This is surrounded by a silver aluminum base and blue aluminum fins. Sitting on top is a gold aluminum fin structure that houses the fan which is rated at 38 CFM @ 7000 RPM. The package also includes a 3pin to 4pin adapter. Thermaltake also sent me a copper shim to use with the heat-sink.

Specs from package
  • Fan Dimensions: 60x60x25 mm
  • Rated Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Started Voltage: 7 VDC
  • Current: 0.5 AMP
  • Power Input: 6 W
  • Fan Speed: 7000 RPM +/- 10%
  • Airflow: 38 CFM
  • Noise: 37 dBA
  • Thermal Material: Bergquist 225U
  • Dimensions: 69 mm/dia X 79 mm/tall

  • Installation
    The first step in the process is to remove your old heat-sink. Then you want to clean off any thermal material left on the CPU. I also took the time with my heat-sink off to short out the L1 bridges on my CPU which unlocks the multiplier. With such a large heat-sink you will want to set it in place before you peel off the label to reveal the thermal material. That way you will know if anything is is the way before you try and install it. It fits just fine on my ASUS A7A266. I set my copper shim in place. Then proceeded to uncover the thermal material and set the heat-sink in place. The clip on the Dragon Orb is by far one of the best designs I have seen. Set the clip over the tabs on one side of the CPU socket. Then using a screwdriver press and seat the other side of the clip over the tabs. Next, double check and make sure every thing is seated properly. With a heat-sink this heavy you don't want the thing coming loose inside your case! Now you can plug the fan in. I used the 3 pin to 4 pin converter which was included with heat-sink. Using a fan this powerful on a motherboard header you risk burning it out! This is what the installed heat-sink looks like. Pretty impressive!!!

    I love this Orb! This is definitely one of the best performing and best looking heat-sinks I have come across. My CPU is running cooler then ever. After I installed my plexi-glass duct, my CPU temp was at 49 degrees Celsius at full load. Now I am running at 46 degrees Celsius under a full load! This is with my multiplier at 10x giving me 1333Mhz off my 1.2Ghz CPU. Also, Thermaltake rates the noise level of this heat-sink at 37 dBA. But I find it to be much quieter that my old Volcano II, which is rated at 31.5 dBA. I can't wait to see what Thermaltake comes up with next!

    • Easy Instalation
    • Works with CPU shims (I recommend one with this heat-sink)
    • Great Performance
    • Good Looks

    • Clip is tight (Glad I had a shim)

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