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Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition 6-Years Later Review

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When I was younger, I would read the Choose Your Own Adventure books we had, because who really does not like being able to make their own choices? As an adult, we can still have that experience of determining fictitious outcomes thanks to video games that present us with meaningful choices that can shape the game in the short and long term. Dragon Age: Origins is one game that embraces that idea from beginning to end. Now six years since its release, we are returning to it to see how well it holds up. It has been four years since I last played Dragon Age: Origins, but with the third installment out now, it felt like a good time to reinstall and replay how it all began.

Dragon Age: Origins is a high fantasy RPG that sets you on a quest to save the world by stopping the Blight. Along the way you will suffer betrayal, be forced to make hard and fatal choices, and fight various enemies of different sizes, shapes, and abilities. You are not alone in this journey, as you collect followers that each have their own talents and personalities. Make the right decisions and you will earn their loyalty, which comes with some useful buffs. Combat is tactile by design, as you are able to pause the action at any time to issue commands to your comrades, or you can let them obey their AI.

As I have the Ultimate Edition, which includes all of the DLC plus Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, this review will cover all of it as well, with Awakening having its own page.

The game has an M rating from the ESRB for blood, intense violence, language, partial nudity, and sexual content. It has earned this rating and if such content would be inappropriate for you, then this review likely is also, as the media in it have not been censored.

With that covered, time to see if we should save the world again!



  1. Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition Review - Introduction
  2. Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition Review - Graphics
  3. Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition Review - Story
  4. Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition Review - Gameplay
  5. Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition Review - Awakening Expansion
  6. Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition Review - Additional Gameplay Media
  7. Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition Review - Conclusion
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