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Dragon Age II 4-Years Later Review



So, is it worth going to Kirkwall and becoming its Champion, or should the city be left to its crisis? As a single game, I give Dragon Age II a weak recommendation. It is not a bad game, although it does have flaws, so if you can get it (and probably some of its DLC, too) at a good price, go for it. As one game in the Dragon Age franchise, however, I am more inclined to recommend it. Like some other franchises, you are able to import saves from previous games, as I did, so for someone interested in the franchise as a whole, you do not want to miss the opportunity to influence the story here, even if the game is not all that strong.

The graphics mostly look good, but are dated, which the action helps hide. The story is less coherent than I would prefer, but I obsess over story elements more than others. The gameplay is good and fun, but lacks some of the depth you expect from RPGs. Altogether, it is not a bad game, but more something I was expecting more from. Chances are, you will expect more from it, too.








  1. Dragon Age II Review - Introduction
  2. Dragon Age II Review - Graphics
  3. Dragon Age II Review - Story
  4. Dragon Age II Review - Gameplay
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  6. Dragon Age II Review - Conclusion
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