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Dragon Age II 4-Years Later Review

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Recently we looked back at Dragon Age: Origins, so it should not be surprising that I would follow it up with a review of the sequel, Dragon Age II. While it is a sequel in the franchise, it does not directly carry on the story. You will interact with characters from the first game and references are made to the earlier events, but it still stands as more of a separate story. By the way, this playthrough is the first time I have played Dragon Age II, which I mention because the review of Dragon Age: Origins was the second time I played that.

Like the first title, Dragon Age II is a high fantasy RPG that has you fighting various threats to you, your friends, and your new home. Eventually you will rise to become the Champion for having saved the city of Kirkwall from an invasion. Along the way, expect to be making various choices, setting the tone for your character, and forming relationships with your companions.

Also like the first title, Dragon Age II was given a Mature rating by the ESRB for blood, gore, violence, language, and sexual content. Some of this content has been captured in the screenshots and videos I took, so if such content is inappropriate for you, this review probably is too. By the way, the game's audio was not very loud, so the videos are also pretty quiet.

Having gone through all of that, time to dive in and see if we should become Kirkwall's Champion, or let the chaos consume it.







  1. Dragon Age II Review - Introduction
  2. Dragon Age II Review - Graphics
  3. Dragon Age II Review - Story
  4. Dragon Age II Review - Gameplay
  5. Dragon Age II Review - Additonal Gameplay Media
  6. Dragon Age II Review - Conclusion
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