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Aerocool Deep Impact 102 Heatsink Review



Today we are looking a very unique heat sink from Aerocool, the Deep Impact 102. The Deep Impact 102 is unique because it has a special liquid that flows within it, to help keep your CPU cooler. In addition, you have the ability to add one or two fans which is not seen in most heat sinks today. There are many heat sinks on the market that are trying to achieve the very best possible cooling with air and others trying to achieve the quietest cooling possible. The Deep Impact 102 from Aercool claims to achieve both of these with its very uniquely designed heat sink. We're going to be testing the Deep Impact against probably one of the best heat sinks on the market today, the Thermalright SLK 800.

In-Depth Look

Inside the plastic package contained the heat sink, p4 base and clips, 70 to 80mm fan brackets, instructions, and finally thermal compound. It was nice to see Aerocool include a sliver based thermal compound instead of the white silicon thermal grease that is included with many heat sinks on the market. The thermal compound has a Aerocool label and is marked 25% silver.

Some modifications are needed for pentium4 users to install the heat sink. The heat sink comes ready for the socket A/370, but to use on the p4 the socket A plate needs to be removed and the p4 plate installed. This might be a turn off to some Intel users.

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