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DiRT 4 Review

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I'm back with an actual review this time and the game is DiRT 4, the recently released entry in the DiRT series from Codemasters. I will admit I have limited experience with the franchise, though I have put some time into DiRT 3 over recent weeks, to get a feel for things. Things felt pretty different between the games, but I still enjoyed the experience.

The DiRT franchise consists of racing games with a focus on racing on tracks with unconventional surfaces, I think is one way to put it. Sometimes there is asphalt beneath your wheels, and sometimes there is loose dirt, gravel, or sand. It all depends on the track and race type, and how the car behaves depends on the material as well. A lot more goes into your car's behavior than that, as I will try to convey in the Gameplay section.

This being the first review I have written since Serious Statistics went live, I was really hoping to show off some more graphs and frame time data. Unfortunately, capturing this data has proven difficult as the game seems to want to intercept and gobble up any hotkey I have tried for starting the frame time recording. Only by starting the recording outside of the game and then Alt-Tabbing back in could I get it to work, which is far from convenient and introduces issues at the beginning of the data. I have still made a couple videos with frame time overlays by this process, as I can use the captured video to know what to cut off from the beginning and end. (To make these videos I used the replays available after completing a race, instead of the 'live race.' I did this because the performance seemed consistent and the ability to pause the replay is also helpful.)

DiRT 4 has an ESRB rating of T for Mild Lyrics, suggesting it is not the racing gameplay but the soundtrack that may be inappropriate for some.

Two points I want to mention now are that I mostly played using a Steam Controller (I will discuss this a little more in the Gameplay section) and that I have not spent as much time with the game as I would have liked. My schedule is currently quite full, but I believe the eight hours or so I have put in is adequate to render an opinion.

With that covered, time to get into the actual review.

  1. DiRT 4 Review - Introduction
  2. DiRT 4 Review - Graphics
  3. DiRT 4 Review - Gameplay
  4. DiRT 4 Review - Additional Gameplay Media
  5. DiRT 4 Review - Conclusion
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