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DimasTech Bench Test/Table Easy V2.5 Review



The Bench Test/Table Easy v2.5 is the first product I have used from DimasTech, but after having it in use for some time now I have to say that I am very impressed with what this company has to offer. The first thing that caught my eye about the case was the use of solid SECC steel throughout the entire chassis making it very durable, and strong enough to support even the heaviest of components or cooling solutions. This will reduce the hardware and cooling limitations found on a traditional style case, which can be lacking in room. Some options you have are to fit up to a triple fan 120mm radiator directly on the side of the chassis for a killer water cooling setup, or thanks to the strong and large top panel even more extreme cooling can be used, such as LN2 or dry ice. With all cooling methods available you can really pick and choose how you want this case to work for you, whether that be a water-cooling loop that still allows for easy hardware substitutions or a weekend overclocking project involving dry ice. Beyond the cooling though, you are also not limited when it comes to choosing what components to use, as the top panel supports motherboards as small as MicroATX all the way up to the much large XL-ATX and all in between. From these features you can easily see how this product is perfectly situated for the enthusiasts of the world, but the case also manages to incorporate features that in my opinion would make this tech station appeal to, maybe not the mainstream, but certainly more than just the high-end crowd. One such feature that can expand its appeal is the ease of use. I do have to say that the initial install will take longer than some other similar products, thanks to it coming with assembly required, but once it is fully setup it is very easy to install, remove or replace all components. This was true for the motherboard, which sits on the top panel giving it easy access as well as the parts that are housed underneath on a removable bottom tray. Other such beneficial features include four fan brackets that aid in cooling the hardware that sits on the top panel, an included front USB port and the cable management access areas, which reduces cable clutter throughout the chassis.

With all that this tech station has going for it, there is one major issue. This is actually not with the case itself, but rather a geographical one. As of this review, DimasTech does not have a U.S. distributor, so if you want to buy this product you will have to get it directly from DismaTech's website and pay the high shipping cost of a large package from Europe to North America. This is disappointing mainly because as far as tech stations go this one offers more features than others and at a fair price of around $160 USD. Add to this though the cost of overseas shipping and now it falls into the price range of some of the more expensive tech stations on the market. Of course, there were issues other than just high shipping fees as well. One such issue was that one of the screw holes for the motherboard stand-offs on the top panel was not threaded properly, making requiring a good amount of force to get the stand-off fully in. I actually had to use a wrench to screw it past a certain point and during the process the stand-off broke in the hole. After it broke, part of the screw was still in the hole, but with only a small portion of it sticking out on either side it was quite the task to get out. After it was removed, I was able to get a stand-off fully in place, but it would have been nice if everything would have worked as it should. Also, in my opinion, it would be a breath of fresh air to see a tech station actually include some case fans, but since there are not many out there that do you really can't hold that against DimasTech.

This is, without a doubt, a great product that comes with only a few setbacks and if DimasTech found a way get it to our side of the world without the high shipping I bet they would find some demand for it. However, if you are already in Europe or willing to pay the shipping and are looking for a great tech station, this one comes at a very reasonable price and could easily fit your needs no matter how extreme they are.


  • Great price for a Tech Station
  • Support for extreme cooling options from water to LN2
  • Supports triple 120mm fan radiator
  • Very durable
  • Cable management
  • Included fan brackets for additional cooling
  • Easy access to components for fast substitutions
  • Plenty of room for expansion
  • Front USB cable included
  • Supports many motherboard types



  • Must be ordered directly from DimasTech in Italy
  • Shipping from Italy to U.S. is very expensive
  • One pre-drilled motherboard stand-off hole was not threaded properly
  • Included stand-offs are weak
  • No fans included


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