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DimasTech Bench Test/Table Easy V2.5 Review

Price: $158.00


Extreme PC cooling use, such as LN2 and phase units, only account for a small segment of the market and in fact, outside of enthusiasts, many might not even know such products exist. Luckily, this has not stopped a handful of companies from pushing forward and creating products that fit into this niche. One such company is the Italian based DimasTech, which was established to help increase the performance potential of systems by releasing products that will efficiently cool even the most extreme overclocked components. Some of the products that DimasTech has release to aid the enthusiast community are water cooling parts, phase units and Dry Ice/LN2 pots. Even though the company offers many high performance cooling solutions, we are actually going to be looking at its DimasTech Bench Test/Table Easy version 2.5. This new tech station takes aspects of previous versions and combines them with features that were introduced into this new offering thanks to user feedback. This has created a bench table that is functional, sleek, can house multiple components and cooling solutions. All the initial details about this table seem very impressive, but one feature that makes it appear as if this is one tech station that could surpass many others is the creative steps taken to mount fans to important areas of the chassis to prevent overheating, which is not the case with many similar products. Too many tech stations come with fan brackets that are just not adequately setup to properly cool hot northbridge or MOSFET areas, so the fact that this one does not seem to have this limitation could really create some demand for it.

Closer Look:

The DimasTech Bench Test/Table Easy v2.5 comes packaged in a large plain box that, other than the logo on the side, gives no indication as to what is housed inside. When you open the packaging you can see that DimasTech included all necessary precautions to protect the case from damage during shipping. This has the case arriving in layers of Styrofoam in both vertical and horizontal positioning throughout the box with the case layered within it. This packaging worked well and prevented any damage to the chassis while in transit to us, which is quite a feat as it came directly from Italy.










As you can see, not only did DimasTech use styrofoam to surround the case, but it also included it within the chassis as well. Inside of these layers of protection you will find all of the necessary components needed to assemble the bench table. The majority of the accessories found in the styrofoam are actual modular bays and brackets that are added to the case for expansion. These expansion bays consist of ODD and HDD brackets, fan brackets and a PSU bracket that are all mounted using the included thumb screws, or thumb nuts. On top of these you get ten motherboard stand offs, foam spacer, four rubber feet, single USB slot and a power/reset buttons with cables.




Before we can start to install the components on the case we must first assemble it part by part.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Case)
  3. Closer Look (The Working Components)
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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