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DigitalDoc 5 review

Price: $49.95


The packaging is rather nice, gives you an idea at just what you are getting. Kind of a retail look with an OEM feel. The only problem is the packaging does not protect the product much, very easy to damage during shipping or during stocking in stores.

What's in the box

  • 2 Chipset Sensors
  • 6 Air Sensors
  • 8 Pieces Of Thermal Tape
  • 3 Fan Filters
  • Some Screws
  • The CD
  • The DigDoc5


    The Digital Doc5 is loaded with goodies. Here is a list of them from the PDF manual.

  • Monitoring Temperature range 0C-100C
  • Monitors both +5 and +12 VDC
  • No Batteries
  • LCD Back Light Function
  • EEPROM Memory Chip For Settings
  • Supports 8 Fans
  • Override Auto Fan Control
  • 8 Temp Probes

    Closer Look


    As you can see, their is a little fan in the digital doc, and yes it has an RPM monitoring wire on it :D. This unit is made so that you can mount a hard drive on it if you need too, I personally wouldn't because their are a lot of wires running and and out to this unit. One thing I noticed was how hard it is to read the labels for the keypad on the front of the unit, they should have made the words stand out by using black text or graphics.

    The fan filter is also a very nice touch, and adding 2 spares is even better. This keeps that dust from filling up your computer and causing your computer to run hotter.

    This unit only works with the 3 pin fans, so if you have the 4 pin Molex, you will need to some some wire splicing, or purchase and adapter, they really should have included a 4pin Molex connector or two in as extras.

    Installing And Testing

    The unit installed rather nicely into my case, this is its temporary home, so I didn't bother to order the black face plate. The unit fired up great, and started monitoring the temp probes I hooked up and fans.

    *Note - Before hooking up your cpu fan, it is a good idea to go into the bios and disabling your HSF protection items, such as rpm monitoring, as your HSF will now be reporting the much more accurate Digital Doc 5. If you do not do this, your computer may not boot up.

    I chose to install my chipset probe onto my video card, as I was to lazy to struggle with removing the Volcano 7. The temp reading was great. So then it was time to try out the feature of no chipset fan when not needed. I set up the digital do so when my #8 sensor hit 29C it would trigger fan #8 (my VGA fan). So off I go to use tweak my card, and up the temp, and sure enough, dig doc turned on my fan, and to see if the alarm worked, I over clocked it rather high so that my temp hit 40C, which was my alarm temp and it started beeping.

    I must say this little toy is a must have any computer guru who feels the need to know just what every little thing is doing inside his/her case and just how they can make it better.

    • Can Hold Hard Drive
    • Has 40mm Fan
    • Fan Filter
    • Lots Of Features
    • 8 Temp Probes
    • 8 Fan Support
    • Can run 120mm fans
    • Accurate
    • Price

    • Poorly Labeled Keypad
    • Should Have More Chipset Sensors
    • No 4 Pin Molex Connectors
    • Not Aluminum

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