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Diamond XSTU21 Sound Tube & MSP100B Mini Rockers Mobile Speakers Review



To show how well the devices work, I will be testing them out on a computer that is in desperate need of a boost in sound quality. The test platform will be a Samsung N130 Netbook, which has only one 1.5 watt speaker, and when used for movies or music, leaves a bad taste in your ear, to say the least. The testing will be done playing a movie file with only the stock speaker from the netbook, then hooking up the MSP100B Mini Rocker Speakers by themselves to show the increase in sound with them alone. Finally, I will add the XSTU21 Sound Tube to give you an idea of how much better they sound together when the audio is decoded on the Sound Tube instead of on the netbook.


Testing Setup:

  • Platform: Samsung N130 Black Netbook
  • Audio Device: Diamong XSTU21 Sound Tube
  • Speakers: Diamond MSP100B Mini Rockers Mobile Speakers







This video shows the stock speakers of the Samsung N130 before any of the Diamond Multimedia components are added. While the sound does seem loud, it is actually the high pitch of the single speakers echoing through the room. There is no bass definition and the sound seems to run together.


Next up is testing the MSP100B Mini Rockers Mobie Speakers. The sound seems to be lower, but it is not. This is because the sound is more defined and there is a bit more bass to it that was not there in the stock speakers. One thing I did notice is that the sound was not up and down. As it got louder, the speakers compensated so that it was more level instead of louder in some parts and quieter in others.


Lastly, we have the combination of the Diamond XSTU21 Sound Tube and the MSP100B Mini Rockers Speakers. Here you can clearly hear the definition of the audio being crisper and the bass pumping during the intense parts. Together, these two made the perfect audio for the movie. I actually had to watch this movie all the way after doing this review using the netbook and this audio setup.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look: Speakers
  2. Closer Look: Sound Tube
  3. Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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