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Diamond USB PC to TV HDMI Adapter Review

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After everything that I have looked at with the Diamond USB PC to TV HDMI Adapter, I can say that it does do exactly what it is intended to do; provide a secondary display adapter for your computer via an HDMI cable over your USB 2.0 bus. This can be helpful if you are trying to connect your computer to a TV that only supports an HDMI input and you do not have an HDMI output on your video card, or maybe you are just using on-board graphics with an older setup.

The price of Diamond's adapter does hinder the usability of the device in an HTPC, however, if you are looking to use it on your Netbook or laptop to connect it to your TV as it's suggested usage is; the price is very competitive compared to the similar devices on the market.. When looking at getting this to add HDMI support to your HTPC, it costs just around $100 which can be quite steep when you could jump online and grab yourself a cheap graphics card such as the Diamond 5450 for $49 on Newegg.com. I do like the fact that the Diamond USB PC to TV HDMI Adapter does give you a quick and simple way of adding a secondary display adapter to your PC that is going to not only giving you 1080p maximum resolution, but it is also going to giving you the ability to transfer an audio signal over the HDMI cable.

During the testing, I did see that the CPU Usage was about 3% higher when using the Diamond adapter when compared to using an internal graphics card and only 1% higher Memory Usage. The DisplayLink software that allows the Diamond adapter to work is very simple to install and get running, and does not have any extra GUI that you need to mess around with to get the display working properly - it will just emulate that there is a secondary graphics card installed and allow you to make your resolution changes though the Display Properties window in Windows.

I would suggest this to someone who does not want to go out and get a new video card to put into their system and have to worry about messing around with installing and uninstalling graphics drivers, or someone who needs to add another display to their computer but does not want to open up their system and void their warranty. The price point that the Diamond USB PC to TV HDMI Adapter comes at does seem a little steep to me, however it would be worth not voiding your warranty if that is the case.



  • Easy installation and setup
  • Quickly add HDMI support to a PC
  • 1080p support
  • Audio over HDMI support
  • DisplayLink software
  • Price for adding HDMI support to a Laptop or Netbook



  • Price for upgrading an HTPC
  • Slightly higher system resources used


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  2. Closer Look: DisplayLink Software
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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