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Diamond USB PC to TV HDMI Adapter Review

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To properly test the Diamond USB PC to TV HDMI Adapter, I am going to simply see if the device is going to give me any sort of video output and compare the picture quality that it is able to deliver to the picture quality that an internal video card is going to deliver. The next step is going to be comparing  the overall CPU usage and memory usage in the Windows Task Manager that is being used with an internal video card compared to the Diamond USB PC to TV HDMI Adapter, while using a video stress tester, MSI Kombustor. I am also going to test to see if the Diamond adapter is going to be able to still display an output without a video card installed in the system. All of these tests are going to be using a Samsung 24" computer monitor that has HDMI input support. The final test that I am going to perform is connecting my Asus Eee 1000HE to the Diamond adapter and then to my TV in my living room and ensuring that I am going to be able to get surround sound and video display.

Testing Setup:


Picture Quality:

As I mentioned before, the first part of my testing is going to be comparing the picture quality that the Diamond USB PC to TV HDMI Adapter gives compared to what the Diamond HD5570 is going to give. This testing showed that the display was identical, there was nothing that I was able to see in either display that was different from the other. I set the resolution to 1280x960 on both displays to see exactly how the desktop looked.  


            Diamond HD5570 @ 1280x960                               Diamond USB PC to TV HDMI Adapter @ 1280x960


System Resources:

The next testing that I performed on the Diamond adapter, was to simply run the MSI Kombustor GPU stress testing utility to put the graphics card to work with both the Diamond adapter being used for the display and also with the Diamond adapter turned off and the only graphics being displayed though the Diamond HD5570. I let the utility work for about 15 minutes during each run with the Windows Task Manager opened to watch the CPU Usage and the Memory Usage to see if there was going to be a noticeable difference between either display setup.  As you can see, there was a three percent difference in the CPU Usage and only a one percent difference in the Memory Usage when comparing the Diamond HD5570 internal graphics card to the Diamond USB PC to TV HDMI Adapter. This is not very surprising to me as the USB adapter does need to process the graphics data, so it needs to be pushed off to the processor.


            Diamond HD5570 @ 1280x960                               Diamond USB PC to TV HDMI Adapter @ 1280x960




Stand-Alone Video Adapter:

The next testing up is going to be seeing if the Diamond USB PC to TV HDMI Adapter is going to be able to display a video signal to my monitor with out an internal video card being installed in the system. To accomplish this, I am going to pull out the Diamond HD5570 video card from my system, while it is off of course, and restart the system with the monitor only being attached to the Diamond USB PC to TV HDMI Adapter to see if I am going to get any sort of video display and try and make it into Windows. This unfortunately did not come out how I had hoped - when I pulled the video card out and tried to restart using just the Diamond PC USB to TV HDMI Adapter, I was unable to get any display on my monitor.


TV Hookup via Netbook:

One of the main features being advertised with the Diamond USB PC to TV HDMI Adapter is giving your Netbook or Macbook the ability to connect to your Flat Screen TV via an HDMI cable. Well, the Netbook that I had is an ASUS Eee PC 1000HA which only comes with an analog display output for an external monitor. That is all fine and dandy if you are not planning on hooking it up to your TV, however if you wanted a quick and simple way to watch a video that is streaming over the internet, such as YouTube or Hulu, you are not going to be able to do that from the ASUS Eee PC 1000HA. That is where the Diamond adapter comes in. I will install the software on my Netbook and see how well it is able to connect to my setup in my living room. This did work perfectly, as I was able to install the software on the Eee PC and connect it to my Philips 42" Plasma TV in my living room and was able to watch a YouTube video from the Overclockersclub.com YouTube Channel (the video can be found here).

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