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Diamond USB PC to TV HDMI Adapter Review

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DisplayLink is the application software that is used by Diamond Multimedia's USB PC to TV HDMI Adapter to transfer the video signal though your USB port to the device that then transfers it though an HDMI cable to the display device, be it a monitor or TV. The DisplayLink Software is the only component of the DisplayLink solution that resides on your computer, the software playing a key part in making USB graphics devices possible. It has to work transparently so that your USB monitor appears the same as your DVI monitor to the operating system and all of your applications. It has to manage all of the display rendering which would normally be done by a dedicated GPU, while sharing the CPU with everything else you are doing at that point in time. It has to adapt both to the computer on which it is running as well as to use you are making of it. To do all this, the DisplayLink software has been developed to have the following features:

  • Great Performance: The display drivers are performance-optimized to enable the high-resolution digital quality graphics you need to drive today's LCD displays.
  • Seamless OS Integration: Allows a user to see and treat a DisplayLink device the same as any other display device connected to his/her computer.
  • Compression Technology: Raw display data must be compressed down to fit over USB but needs to maintain a high image quality.
  • Adaptable: Every computer is different, and the DisplayLink software always makes the most of what is available on any given time.
  • Interactive: Our software ensures that your DisplayLink device is responsive to all your mouse and keyboard inputs at all times.
  • Easy to Use and Configure: You want complete control over how your DisplayLink device is configured, so we've made the most common parameters (location, extend/clone, rotation) easily accessible in our user-friendly GUI.

All Information courtesy of DisplayLink @ http://www.displaylink.com/displaylink_software.php


The DisplayLink software is basically what is going to be running your desktop when you use the Diamond USB PC to TV HDMI Adapter on the software side of things. It is very simple and easy to setup and all you need to do is pop in the CD or download the drivers from the DisplayLink website and restart your computer once you are done. After the computer has been restarted and your desktop is back up, there is a new icon in your notification area that looks like a monitor with a yellow dot at the bottom. This the DisplayLink icon. The shortcut menu when you right click it, lists DisplayLink Manager, Check for updates, Optimize for Video, Fit to TV, and Advanced Configuration.

Clicking on the DisplayLink Manager or the Advanced Configuration links are going to open up the Screen Resolution screen under the Display Options in Windows. Here you are going to be able to adjust the Resolution, Orientation, and how the Multiple Displays are set up (Duplicate these displays, Extend these displays, Show desktop only on 1, and Show desktop only on 2). The maximum resolution that you are going to be able to set on the DisplayLink display is 1920x1080 (1080p). When you click the Check for Updates link, it is going to seem like nothing is happening, however the DisplayLink software is looking to see if your version is the most up to date version, and will display a balloon message letting you know it is if it is. 


Now that the DisplayLink software is set up, the next step is to look at the specifications and features then begin the testing.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: DisplayLink Software
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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