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Diamond USB 3.0/2.0 to HDMI/DVI Mini Ultra Dock Review


Diamond USB 3.0/2.0 to HDMI/DVI Mini Ultra Dock Closer Look Cont'd:

The docking station might not look like what some of you oldies might be thinking. It's not quite like a ThinkPad docking station that you actually drop your laptop down onto. Instead it's a much more universal design and much smaller at that. The top of the dock has the Diamond logo on it along with the DisplayLink Plug and Display logo we saw on the previously reviewed adapter. The bottom has some ventilation holes for some passive cooling and four simple Philips screws holding the casing together. A barcode with the Serial Number is stuck to the bottom along with the model of your purchase: "Diamond Multimedia MDS3900". The important parts are on the inside, and if it works, that is what counts.



Before moving on, I wanted to stop and show you a snippet from the quick start guide. I was quite happy to see up to date images in the guide that represented actual Windows 8 windows rather than old manuals with XP references that were hardly relevant. It's something that I haven't seen in too many quick start guides. So I wanted to give Diamond props for keeping up with the times, even with something several of us never look at.

The other thing I wanted to look at was the included USB 3.0 plug for the docking station itself. Of course the other end looks like your standard USB port and can be plugged into USB 2.0 just as well. Some of you may have never seen this end of a USB 3.0 plug before, so now you have. You will also often find this type of connection on a portable HDD device, or on some hard drive docks. Now you know!



The ends of the docking station are where the actual connections occur. On one end you find a well labeled DVI connection (with screw connection) and a LAN port. The other end has the connection for the USB 3.0 and HDMI ports. This is really all there is to show on the docking station. Doesn't seem like much, but if it can keep up with what it claims to do, then I will be quite happy. This can easily sit on the corner of your desk or perhaps on the floor next to your desk. It isn't very large, so it won't take up a lot of space. The cabling might not be super pretty with plugs coming out either end of the little box, but it also could be quite the nice setup to actually mount to the back side of your desk if you plan to make it a permanent install.



After just looking at it, I’m quite excited to try it out. Although I don't currently bring my work laptop home to do work, I could see how this would be a nice setup to just plug into and work with. Hopefully it works out that way and is just as easy as it seems to be. Let's go get things hooked up and see how it works. Continue on to Page 4 for some testing and results.

  1. Diamond USB 3.0/2.0 to HDMI/DVI Mini Ultra Dock: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Diamond USB 3.0/2.0 to HDMI/DVI Mini Ultra Dock: Closer Look Cont'd
  3. Diamond USB 3.0/2.0 to HDMI/DVI Mini Ultra Dock: Specifications & Features
  4. Diamond USB 3.0/2.0 to HDMI/DVI Mini Ultra Dock: Setup and Testing
  5. Diamond USB 3.0/2.0 to HDMI/DVI Mini Ultra Dock: Conclusion
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