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Diamond UGA USB 3.0/2.0 to DVI/HDMI/VGA Adapter Review

Price: $59.99

Diamond UGA USB 3.0/2.0 to DVI/HDMI/VGA Adapter Introduction:

Have you ever been somewhere where you didn't have the right plug on your laptop to connect to someone else's projector or TV? I know I have. Although it's hard to believe, I've seen this issue many times in the classroom setting where another student only has HDMI on his laptop and the projector available only had VGA or DVI. With no adapter, the kid was left presenting from the professor's laptop. HDMI gets you by a lot of times, but it not always. Even at conventions and conferences, it's hard to say what will be available at your particular location. Diamond has come up with a solution for almost anything you'll be presented with.

The Diamond BVU3500 is a USB 3.0/2.0 devices that allows you to go from USB to DVI, HDMI, and VGA all in one plug + dongle. The USB device natively gives you a DVI connection to connect to a projector, while additional dongles included allow you to convert from DVI to HDMI or VGA with little effort. As a result, you will no longer be subjected to being left with only what your laptop has provided. This means you could be the hero at your next event with the adapter for the poor guy who doesn't have the right setup.

Okay, so maybe you're not into it for sharing at an event, but rather interested in providing yourself with a second monitor on the go or even at home. Get the monitor you want/or have access to and make your laptop/desktop support it. Aside from Thunderbolt and DisplayPort, you'll have most of today's popular connecting ports at hand: DVI, HDMI, and VGA. So let's see what the Diamond BVU3500 adapter can do. Is it really all it's made out to be?

Diamond UGA USB 3.0/2.0 to DVI/HDMI/VGA Adapter Closer Look:

The box for the Diamond BVU3500 appears to have gone through some last minute revisions. I'm hoping this is just an odd ball box that I received, and not the actual box sitting on the shelf with the one you will get. The front and back have one of the "features" seemingly Sharpied out in black. Of course, curiosity got to me, so I ended up finding out what was hidden behind the black that Diamond didn't want me to see. Apparently it used to say "2560 x 1600 resolution", which you can see has been switched to a maximum of 2048 x 1152 instead. Not sure what caused the change – the website still has it in a couple places, but I won't speculate on the change, rather just point it out.

Although last minute changes on a box never look nice, let's get past these blacked out changes and talk about the rest of the box. The box is in full color with actual images of the product itself. The adapter is shown with its additional included dongles on the front of the box. The back of the box goes to show how the device can be used with up to six monitors (one device for each monitor of course), as well as the versatility in the connection available from USB. The sides of the box go on to point out system requirements and box contents to get you ready to go. The box is pretty quick and to the point of what it is, as well as what it can do.




Inside the box is another box! A nice white cardboard box is inside with the markings "UGA USB Display Adapter" printed on every side of the box. Flipping it open, we can see the adapter itself tucked neatly inside. The adapter is in plastic on the left, with the DVI to HDMI dongle in plastic on the right. The two center cutouts for your fingers lets you lift up the top portion to reveal the rest of the contents.



Included is a quick install guide, Windows installation CD (drivers are available online), the USB 3.0 Adapter itself, a USB cable, and the DVI to VGA and DVI to HDMI dongles. It doesn't seem like much, but at the same time, I'm glad I do not and will not need more than these things to get it going.

  1. Diamond UGA USB 3.0/2.0 to DVI/HDMI/VGA Adapter: Introduction
  2. Diamond UGA USB 3.0/2.0 to DVI/HDMI/VGA Adapter: Closer Look
  3. Diamond UGA USB 3.0/2.0 to DVI/HDMI/VGA Adapter: Specifications & Features
  4. Diamond UGA USB 3.0/2.0 to DVI/HDMI/VGA Adapter: Testing & Results
  5. Diamond UGA USB 3.0/2.0 to DVI/HDMI/VGA Adapter: Conclusion
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