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Diamond ATI TV Wonder 750 USB Review



For such a small product, the Diamond ATI TV Wonder 750 USB manages to do a lot. It has outstanding over-the-air image quality, with absolutely amazing looking high definition signals. The small size of the unit makes it easily carried in a laptop case, and with support for broadcasting signals all over the world, it is perfect for downtime on business or personal trips. The analog cable image is also very clear, managing to look better than the comparison tuners, and with the included TotalMedia, you have an ultimate media center that will let you watch, rewind, and record live television. The tuner can also be used to watch or record from alternative sources such as a DVD player or gaming system. Recording from a gaming console was very easy to do and, once it is recorded, you can upload the videos to YouTube to show off your gaming skills to the world. All these functions make it a very versatile product that goes beyond just watching TV on your PC.

Even though the tuner did have outstanding image quality and functions, I found some issues with its ease of use. The first of these issues was that the HD antenna was, for me, almost impossible to setup to receive a good signal, even with the included USB extension cable. At first, I could not stretch the antenna cable to a location that would pick up more than a few over-the-air channels. In the end, I had to use not just the included USB extender, but two other extenders that I had lying around. This added more length of the cable, which allowed me to get it to a windowed area that did have a decent signal. This might just be the area I live in, but as I am only fifteen minutes from a metropolitan area, I thought I would get a better signal. The next issue I ran into was with the remote. I found it to just be too weak to be a real benefit. I had to have the remote pointed right at the tuner for it to register and the further away I got from the tuner, the weaker the remote signal seemed to be. This could be a real issue for people trying to use this in a HTPC and want to hide the TV Wonder tuner and cables out of sight. Another issue was that after the antenna auto-scan finished, it showed that I had eleven channels available, but only about seven of the eleven had a viewable image with sound.

In all, the Diamond ATI TV Wonder 750 USB is packed with tons of functions, is portable, and has some of the best image quality I have seen from a PC tuner. If you have made it this far into the review, you are most likely seriously considering buying a product such as the Diamond TV Wonder 750 USB and if that is the case, I would say even with its issues, it is worth the mere $50 asking price.



  • Amazing image quality
  • Multiple uses
  • Portable
  • TotalMedia software



  • Can be hard to get a good antenna signal
  • Weak remote control
  • Not all available over-the-air channels worked


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