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Diamond ATI TV Wonder 750 USB Review

Price: $54.99


Over the last few years, TV over the Internet has started to get more and more support. If you want to watch a movie, you can stream it straight from your Netflix account. If you missed your favorite TV show, you can watch it on a website such as Hulu. These sites have made the Internet a much larger source of the multimedia experience, but both Netflix and Hulu have limitations. With Netflix, not all movies are available to stream and with Hulu have to you watch advertisements during the show. There is, however, another way to get TV on your PC and it comes in the form of the Diamond ATI TV Wonder 750 USB. This product is a small, portable, multimedia device that will let you watch live, over-the-air TV and analog cable from your desktop or laptop. It also has the ability to sync up with an external source, such as a camcorder or gaming system, which can help integrate your media into one place, as opposed to having it run across multiple sources. The TV Wonder 750 comes ready for use right out of the box and includes everything you will need to get it setup for TV at home or on the go.

Closer Look:

The Diamond ATI TV Wonder comes packaged in a red and black box with a cut-out on the front that showcases the TVW HD 750. The front of the packaging also consist of an image of the TV Wonder being used with a laptop (highlighting the tuner's portability), with the name of the product and a brief description about the functions found under the laptop. Turning the packaging around, you can see the back panel gives a more in-depth explanation of the functionality of the tuner, as well as a list of the included accessories. This outer portion of the packaging is mainly used to show off the functions of the product while sitting on a store shelf, while the tuner and accessories are actually secured in a clamshell casing on the inner portion of the box. This inner packaging is clear and, other than the reflective insert, gives a good view of what is housed within.











Looking at the tuner, you can see that it is not excessively large and is roughly the same size as a USB flash drive. This small size will help with portability, as the tuner will easily fit in a laptop bag, or even your pocket. The top portion of the drive is a protective cap that shields the USB plug from damage when not in use. When this cap is removed, the drive can be placed directly into a USB port, or a USB extension cable can be used if needed. On the opposite end of the USB header, you have an open port that can be used to directly plug in the HD antenna or a Coax RF adapter. The last port on the TVW HD 750 is found on the side of the Tuner and is where the AV cables will be inserted.




The Diamond ATI TV Wonder 750 USB comes with a host of accessories that help the tuner function. What's included is a HD antenna, AV cable, Coax RF adapter, remote control, manual, and installation disk. The included HD antenna comes with two mounting tools, that will help seucre it in place. One is a suction cup, which makes it easy to place on a window or desk, and the other is a clip, which will let you secure the antenna to an LCD monitor or something with a thin area that it can slide onto.



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