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Diamond XtremeTV HDTV 110 Hybrid Tv Tuner USB 2.0

Price: $69.99


I was first turned on to TV tuners with the 9800AIW card back in 2003. Since then, I have been hooked on watching TV on my computer when I'm not gaming. What better way to meld couch potato to computer geek then being able to to do both at once? Pop up the TV and surf the net on commercials. My wife often wonders why I give up the 42" LCD for her to watch "her" shows, only to be relegated to the lab to watch TV on my computer. If she only knew... I have been itching to get my hands on an HD tuner to upgrade my aging Theater 550 Pro PCI-E card.

The Diamond XtremeTV HDTV 110 Hybrid TV Tuner USB 2.0 is a dual tuner system packed into the size of a USB Key. The ultra portability is for people on the go, and can be set up in minutes. With today's screen real estate averaging 19", and the affordability of LCDs, the addition of a tuner to your computer is a worthy investment.

Closer Look:

The Diamond XtremeTV HDTV 110 comes packaged in Diamond's trademark red and black theme with the tuner in full view. The front of the box outlines the features of the tuner, as well as Vista certification. The back of the box details the capabilities of the tuner software to turn your PC into a "Digital Entertainment Center" with the ability for PVR (Personal Video Recorder) functions, DVD playback, picture editing, music library, and video capture.



The sides of the HDTV 110  box list the System Requirements and package contents.



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