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Diamond Radeon HD5770 XOC Review



The Diamond HD 5770 XOC graphics card is definitely one product that lives up to its name, by almost maxing out the core and memory with a factory overclock. This resulted in there only being around an additional 5% of overclocking headroom left, which doesn't sound like much, but isn't too shabby on Diamond's part, as most manufacturers only provide mild overclocks on their cards. As such, this card performed better than the other mid-range and entry level products we looked at, including the other HD 5770 card in most benches. When a highly overclocked version of a product is released, it is designed to offer more performance at roughly the same price point, which is exactly what Diamond has provided with this card. It is perfect for light overclockers and mainstream users that don't want to spend a lot of time fine tuning the products they buy. These groups would rather just have a product that is fast straight out of the box, and in this regard, the Diamond XOC is ideal. Add to this a price below the $200 mark and you have a real bargain on your hands. Beyond the performance and price though, you will also get support for all the latest technologies, such as ATI's Eyefinity and Microsoft's DX11. Just a few months ago, DX11 games were far and few between, but fast forward to today and there are multiple DX11 games out and more on the horizon, making this a perfect time to upgrade your hardware to add support for these current and upcoming releases.

Even with the card having great performanceat a fair price, there was one thing that bothered me. This was as an Extreme Overclocked version of the HD 5770 graphic card, I would have liked to see a cooler that performs better than the reference design. Higher clock frequencies are greatly benefited from effective heatsinks, and the use of one would have reduced the temperatures beyond that of what stock cooling can offer. This additional cooling would also increase the overclocking potential, leading to an even higher level of performance. This is not to say that the GPU is not properly cooled, because it is. To me, however, it is about being able to reach the best overclocking performance possible, and since this cooler can let the core reach high temperatures when being pushed hard, it is some what of a hindrance in achieving that goal. Also, like many reference designs, the fan can get quite loud when spinning at high RPM's.

With my few gripes about the cooler aside, this really is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, versions of the HD5770 available, thanks to the preset factory overclock. So, if you are in the market for a GPU that offers a high level of performance at a decent price that doesn't require endless tweaking, then the Diamond HD 5770 XOC would definitely be a good fit for you.



  • Factory overclocked
  • Performance
  • Price
  • DX 11 support
  • ATI Eyefinity support



  • Reference cooler
  • Fan is loud when over 60% rotation speed
  • Low additional overclocking headroom


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