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DEEPCOOL Ice Wind Pro Review

Price: $45.99


Over the past couple of years, cooling accessory manufacturer DEEPCOOL has been making its way into the US market. While it still seems to be a rather quiet company to many of us over here, DEEPCOOL was founded in 1996 in Beijing, so it has been in the business for more than 15 years. In fact, 2003 was the year that DEEPCOOL was able to achieve the No. 1 sales volume in all of mainland China in retail computer cooling accessories. DEEPCOOL is an ISO-recognized company, meaning that it conforms to a strict level of international requirements and standards not only related to manufacturing, but to higher levels such as management and continuous improvement. To us, this means that we can expect a high level of quality from DEEPCOOL in its products and have faith that its products will get even better with time.

I have had the opportunity to review several other DEEPCOOL heat sinks in the past, such as the Gamer Storm and Ice Matrix 600. Both of these coolers performed well beyond my expectations and also offered a high level of build quality. When I received these coolers for review almost a year and a half ago, I had never even heard of DEEPCOOL. Since then, I have learned that just because you haven't heard of a company before, does not mean you should be skeptical of its quality! Today, I will be giving DEEPCOOL's latest addition to its heat sink lineup, the Ice Wind Pro, a thorough evaluation. It is compatible with all recent sockets, traversing back all the way to Intel Socket 775 and AMD Socket 754. It uses four direct contact 6 mm copper heat pipes, a single stack of aluminum fins, and is packaged with a single 120 mm fan, though it does accept two fans for a user who may wish to have a push/pull setup.

In this review, I will provide a thorough evaluation of the DEEPCOOL Ice Wind Pro heat sink as it is packaged in its retail form, and its performance metrics as compared to other heat sinks on the market. Starting with its unboxing and followed by an up-close look at the heat sink itself, it will then be mounted in a recent computer system, so that its idle and load temperatures can be recorded in both stock and overclocked scenarios. Let's get started!


Closer Look:

The DEEPCOOL Ice Wind Pro is packaged in a standard DEEPCOOL white box with blue accents. The front of the box features an angled picture of the cooler with its black and blue fan mounted. Underneath this picture are several icons that denote its Intel and AMD compatibility, anti-vibration technology, its "super silent" operation, and its "modding look". The right side of the box has a listing of the cooler’s specifications such as its overall dimensions, weight, fan speed, and other technical data in many different languages. Also, on the top is a handle for easy carrying. The rear of the box has a picture of the back side of the heat sink, along with a picture of its base, which shows off its "Core Touch Technology" (CTT). Finally, on the left side is a listing of all compatible CPUs (aside from just the socket listing) for both Intel and AMD, along with the dimensions as seen from a left, front, and top drawing view.







Inside, the Ice Matrix Pro is sandwiched between two pieces of soft foam with the fan box tightly placed next to it; there is no plastic wrapping on the heat sink itself. Loosely placed in the box is a warranty card, a quality certificate, and the installation guide. Underneath the heat sink and the fan is the accessory box which includes a rather slim array of items – all that is provided are two pairs of fan clips, a plastic mount base for Intel sockets, four pairs of locking pins, and a small packet of thermal paste. This mounting system is new to me; it seems that Intel systems will be adapted to use an AMD-style mounting. Aside from this unique mounting setup, the elements of this cooler remind me of what I have seen in previous DEEPCOOL heat sinks. I like what I see so far!




With everything pulled out of the box, let's move onto the close-up evaluation of the cooler itself.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing: Setup & Overclocking
  5. Conclusion
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