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Deepcool Ice Matrix 600 Review



Well, what can I say? The Deepcool Ice Matrix 600 is a relatively small cooler that employs six heatpipes and a stack of aluminum fins to remove loads of heat from the processor. However, as the results show, there didn't seem to be a whole lot of improvement over the Ice Matrix 400 - which will probably launch at about $20 less than the Ice Matrix 600. With a mild overclock of only 800mhz, this chip is capable of much more and I'm sure that the Ice Matrix 600 would probably pull a further gap away from the Ice Matrix 400 as the clock speed increases. So, in my opinion, users won't take much advantage over the Ice Matrix 400 with the Ice Matrix 600 unless they plan on running a heavy overclock.

Just as I found with the Ice Matrix 400, this heatsink doesn't have the mirror polished base that Deepcool advertises. A mirror polished base means that the CPU makes a slightly higher contact with the heatsink and has a little higher heat transfer rate. For socket 1366, Deepcool doesn't use a back plate, but rather a set of four stick-on plastic nuts. While this method works, it does make reusing these later a little troublesome since the adhesive will wear out after a few uses. While the adhesive isn't 100% necessary, it does prevent the plastic nuts from spinning while tightening down the standoffs on the other side of the mounting area. Also, a little bit of adhesive from the double sided tape is likely to remain on the back of the motherboard, which can cause other back plates from other heatsinks to get stuck - making it a concerning task to remove.

Overall, I feel that for an extra $20 on top of the price of the Ice Matrix 400, users won't really find much of an advantage unless the processor is significantly overclocked. The Ice Matrix 400 held a close gap to this cooler, though that gap widens as the processor is overclocked. This is because the Ice Matrix 600 has a little bit more mass, and the extra heatpipes helps the overall heat transfer rate. Both of the Ice Matrix coolers could find some improvement if the bases had higher quality finishes. Overall, for price to performance comparisons, the Ice Matrix 400 will win compared to the Ice Matrix 600. However, the Ice Matrix 600 is obviously a better option for users who wish to overclock, but don't want a cooler with a large footprint.



  • Small and lightweight
  • Nearly silent operation



  • Not much of an improvement of the Ice Matrix 400
  • No back plate for Intel 1366
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