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Deepcool Ice Matrix 600 Review

Price: $60


Recently visited at OCC was the Deepcool Ice Matrix 400 - a nicely performing, low cost heatsink with a very small footprint that accepts a 120mm fan. It was good for mainly stock scenarios where overclocking wasn't taking place, however Deepcool may have something on the table that has all of the great features of the Ice Matrix 400, but can handle a little more heat. The Ice Matrix 600 has two extra heatpipes and only a slightly larger footprint. The extra heatpipes and more mass should make this cooler achieve even lower temperatures than the Ice Matrix 400, and handle overclocking a little more effectively. Deepcool, founded in 1996, is now rapidly gaining popularity in many countries around the world, though they have been a supplier to Dell, Fujitsu, Siemens, and other companies for years. They offer many heatsinks, GPU and chipset coolers, notebook coolers, and hard drive coolers. Many of their products display their flagship colors of black and blue, making it easy to spot one of their coolers with the naked eye. I am looking forward to trying the Ice Matrix 600 and seeing how well it performs compared to its little sister, the Ice Matrix 400, and compare it to other heatsinks on the market. In this review, I will provide a complete evaluation of the Ice Matrix 600's un-boxing, a closer look at the product itself, specifications and features, followed by an intense product testing and comparison.

Closer Look:

The Deepcool Ice Matrix 600 is packaged in a glossy white cardboard box with a large window in the front that displays the cooler well. Underneath the window are 8 icons that tell a little more about the cooler. Some of these include its supported sockets (Intel and AMD), PWM fan control, silent fan, copper base, and more. I will explore these later in the review. The right side of the package has a picture of the Ice Matrix 600 with the large 140mm fan equipped. Aside from the size and extra heatpipes, the fan is larger on the Ice Matrix 600 than the fan supplied with the Ice Matrix 400. The rear of the package, like the Ice Matrix 400, has a list of standard specifications such as dimensions, weight, and fan information such as voltage and noise levels in many different languages. These figures will also be explored later in this review. Finally, the left side of the box has a listing of supported sockets and processors, along with measurement diagrams showing specific views and their dimensions.











Everything is neatly packaged and organized inside the box. The fan is secured behind the heatsink itself, and the mounting hardware and other accessories are in a white box underneath the heatsink. Inside the white box are three back-plates, two sets of mounting clamps for Intel and AMD, fan clips, power adapters, thermal paste and other mounting hardware. The supplied thermal paste is only enough for two or three uses, but that's more than enough for the average user who plans on strapping this heatsink down and leaving it there!



With everything out of the box, I'm ready to get started on taking a close look at the Deepcool Ice Matrix 600 and assess its features and what I think it is capable of. Stay tuned!

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing & Setup
  5. Conclusion
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