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Deepcool Assassin II Review


Deepcool Assassin II Closer Look:

The Assassin II is longer, wider, taller, heavier, and offers better RAM clearance than its predecessor, the Assassin. However, it retains the same general design of a dual-tower cooler, but with asymmetrical fin stacks. Each stack has 48 fins, including the top cover plate. The nickel-plated copper heat pipes and heat sink really complement the aluminum fin stack. The stack dimensions are 143 x 158 x 167 mm tall and there is 44mm of distance between the base of the cooler and the bottom of the fin stack to aid in RAM clearance. The top plate on each stack has a Gamer Storm logo embossed in the center. I really like the red and black fans. They come attached from the factory, so for assembly into your system, you will need to pop the fan clips off and remove the center fan for access to the mounting hardware.







The nickel-plated base has some small extruded fins to help dissipate some heat and the face of the base is machined flat, nickel-plated, and polished to a mirror finish. The eight copper heat pipes (Ø6mm) are packed close together in the base. They bend up and travel straight up through the fin stack. This should ensure that the Assassin II turns in some decent cooling numbers. Each of the 48 fins have the ends bent down to form a tunnel, making sure that the fans move air through the stacks and not out the sides. The leading and trailing edges of the aluminum cooling fins have the familiar shark tooth shape. The terminations of the heat pipes are exposed, but the shiny nickel plating helps to disguise them.



The massive nickel-plated copper base measures 45mm x 60mm, which seems to be overkill, but I'll take any extra heat removal capacity I can get. I think you could launch F-16s off of there.


As the Assassin II is an upgrade of the old Assassin, the Assassin II uses two 9-blade fans. One is a new GF120, which is a 120mm 4-pin PWM, and the other is a new GF140, which is a 140mm PWM fan, and they work together to move air through the fin stack and carry the heat away from your CPU. These fans use  fluid dynamic bearings and incorporate a rubber frame to reduce vibrations. The fans are rated at a very quiet 300RPM minimum. The power cables are covered with a braided black plastic sheath. Deepcool uses a remote 4-pin fan hub to control up to four 4-pin PWM fans. It comes with a piece of double-sided tape to secure the hub within your case.



The fans easily clip to the fin stacks. I do like the red and black theme, although this may clash with some of your component colors (depending on what you have), but if you don't have a case with a side window, it really won't matter as much. Now, if red and black are part of your theme, then this cooler will be perfect.



Here we have the mounting studs installed to the base plate at the four corners. They screw into the back plate and provide support for the two mounting plates that ultimately secure the cooler to the motherboard. The hardware includes mounting plates for all the current Intel and AMD sockets.



Now the cooler is installed on the MSI GD-65 motherboard. The vertical height of the fin stack allows for RAM clearance and if you remove the fan you will have access to the RAM. There is plenty of room for my Patriot RAM, but it is still a good idea to verify the height of your RAM before you install the cooler. The Assassin II is definitely a large cooler, but is still looks right at home in the OCC test system. Now we are ready to turn the power on and crank up the heat.


  1. Deepcool Assassin II: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Deepcool Assassin II: Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Deepcool Assassin II: Specifications & Features
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  5. Deepcool Assassin II: Conclusion
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