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DangerDen Maze 4 CPU and GPU Waterblocks Review

Price: Maze4 CPU: $41.00 & Maze4 GPU: $40.00


“Water-cooling.” That's a term loved by many, yet at the same time feared just as much. I mean, afterall you would have to be crazy to stick flowing water inside of your computer that is worth at least $1,500.00+, right? To be honest, even though I'd seen the results that water-cooling produces over air-cooling, I'd really never gotten up the courage to attempt it. That was until the gang at DangerDen sent me the Maze 4 CPU and GPU blocks to try out. Figured this would be as good a time as any to venture into the world of watercooling.

Closer Look:

As I mentioned, DangerDen sent the water blocks, this left me with the great opportunity to hand pick the other parts that I wanted to use.

When selecting my pump, I decided to go with the “bigger is better” approach, and purchased the biggest baddest pump that DangerDen had to offer in their store, the Eheim 1260. This has a flow of 600+ GPH (Gallon per Hour), for our Euro friend, that's about 2280+ LPH (Liters per Hour). After doing some additional research on the pump I found that this pump can be used as either an External or Submersed water pump. Had I known that when I was filling the system up, it'd have made things a little bit easier. There's always next time though, right?

Eheim 1260 Pump

The next selection I had to make would be the radiator. I was initially tempted to follow the same method I used with the pump, and select the radiator based on the “Bigger is better” method, however I knew that selecting a larger radiator would require me to do some modifications to my case. This was just something I wasn't going to have time for. I ended up getting a HWLabs Black Ice Micro.

Black Ice Micro

Since the Black Ice Micro is designed for a 80mm fan, my plan was to simply mount the radiator in a fan space in the case. And then use a Vantec Tornado, or some other nice little fan.

While I was attempting to mount the Black Ice Micro, which came with no instructions or mounting hardware, I managed to accidently puncture the radiator. And so the plans on the radiator changed. I then decided to go with an Innovatek innovaRadi DUAL (dual 120mm) radiator, which was quite a change from the little 80mm Black Ice Micro.

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