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Daylight Review



Is it worth running for the light, or shall the darkness consume us? That is hard to say to the point of it being something of a toss-up. I did enjoy playing Daylight, but it never impressed me enough to give it a strong recommendation. The graphics were generally good, but also had issues including the appearance of looking through a prism, occasionally broken geometry, and broken physics. The story is fairly weak and even predictable, but the telling is quite good. Daylight definitely sets its atmosphere well. The gameplay simply lacks the good design I would have liked to see it have, but nothing is too bad to be a real problem.

If you enjoy survival horror games that are psychological in their design, then Daylight may be a game for you. Other than that, I am not sure who this may appeal to, as nothing really stands out that much beyond the environment it sets.







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  2. Daylight Review - Graphics
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