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Daylight Review



When you first start playing, you find yourself in an abandoned hospital in the middle of the night, so the only light comes from your phone, glow sticks, flares, and the occasional operating light (do not expect many of the latter). You know nothing of the hospital's past, how you came to be there, or who it is that is speaking with you. Whoever he is, he knows what is happening, what did happen, and likely has an idea of what will happen. Of course, he is not too forth coming, but at least he does provide some tips such as using the flares to disperse the Shadows. By the way, I refer to them as Shadows, but they are actually something else, I will let you discover on your own.

The story is revealed to you in two ways, other than the voice. Both of these other ways involve picking up notes as you explore, but they are different kinds of notes. Some have a blue glowing mark on them while others have a red glowing mark. The red represents Remnants, which are clues needed to reveal the Sigil. The blue just provide additional information.

The Sigils are special objects that have some strong tie to what happened in the past and are now necessary to move past magically-locked barriers. To gain access to them, you have to find so many of the Remnants with the total needed and progress shown in the lower right corner. Upon picking up the Sigil, you will be given a flash of visions that somehow connect to it and the story. You will then have to carry it to the gate, which hopefully, you already found. If you have not found it already, then you will have to search for it without the ability to use flares or glow sticks, because the Sigil occupies that hand. If a Shadow appears, run.




You are not limited to receiving visions just when you acquire a Sigil. Sometimes as you are walking around, you will suddenly be pulled into another place and shown something, and it is not going to be a pleasant something. Eventually you will be returned to where you were, as if that is comforting.

I am not sure if this belongs under Story or Gameplay, but since I am already here, might as well write it now. I am not someone that gets scared by games or really even frightened. Anxious and stressed, oh yes, games can do that to me and Daylight certainly succeeded there. The first time I had to stop playing because I had something else I needed to do, I was quite happy to do something less stressful. Now I should add here that some of the creepy, spooky, eerie, etc. atmosphere of the game may have been amplified by the fact that I was wearing not only headphones the entire time, but headphones with drivers to virtualize surround sound (a Corsair Vengeance 2100 headset to be exact, which is the successor to the Vengeance 2000 headset reviewed by OCC). I suspect that, when playing with the headphones on, is the best way to play the game for the full experience.


I cannot get into more details than this without the risk of spoilers. I will say that overall, the story is neither particular impressive nor original. It is well told with how it comes in pieces from different sources and different perspectives. How does it all fit together and what do all of the pieces mean, if they mean anything at all? The telling combined with the atmosphere and stress is what keeps you going, and less so the story itself.

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